Virginia Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

With Virginia Pest Control Services providing many innovative pest eliminations and other related services, clients are in for a good time as they are the focus of these services. Some of many pest control service provides exceptional services while others perform average and others having dismal services.

Our focus is on “Affordable Virginia Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies,” with the main purpose of providing the much-needed information readers need in making their mind on which of the services among the list best suits their needs. Below are the top 9 pest control companies;

Virginia Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Mitchell Pest Services
Mitchell Pest Services is a reliable partner in the provision of all kinds of pest removal services and find long-lasting solutions for a variety of pest problems. Handling residential and commercial properties, Mitchell Pest Services technicians are always willing to go the extra mile in client satisfaction. This has seen it exceed the expectations of its clients. To find out more about its services, go to  or call 757-301-5030.

2. Blake’s Pest Control
Blake’s Pest Control offers a variety of services which include services for homeowner’s residential renters and commercial clients. After providing the initial service, it offers optional monthly services which do not require a contract but is totally up to the customer to decide. With a wide coverage area and still expanding, Blake’s Pest Control has attracted impressive customer reviews, attesting to its reliability. For more on its services, or to schedule an inspection, go to

3. My Pest Pros
My Pest Pros are a reliable pest control company that offer professional pest elimination services under the following service categories; residential pest control, commercial pest control and green services. With over a decade of experience and using state of the art equipment and products, My Pest Pros technicians do a thorough inspection and treatment of your property for the purpose of meeting your expectations. Find out more on  or call (703) 665-4455.

4. Priority Pest Services
Priority Pest Services give your pest problems the priority it deserves. They have a fast response time and offer top of the range pest elimination services such as termite and pest control which include free home inspections, termite treatments, and mole control services among others. Other services include structural repairs as well as moisture control services through dehumidifier systems, French Drains, Fungus treatments and sump pumps among others. These range of services are all available for commercial and residential properties. For inquiries, send a mail to  or call 1-757-204-4523.

5. Alexandria Pest Services Inc.
Alexandria Pest Services brings its years of experience into any job it handles through its highly experienced professionals who provide innovative pest extermination services. Also providing pest elimination for Federal, State, and Local Governments, Alexandria Pest Services Inc. is a major player in the pest control services sector. To benefit from its free home inspection services, visit  or call its helpline on 703-923-0925.

6. Green Pest Services
Green Pest Services uses eco-friendly treatment methods and products which conform to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards. Its pest elimination services are available for residential as well as commercial properties and have been in the business of bringing cutting-edge solutions to households and businesses. All its services come with a pest-free guarantee. For more on these and other services, visit  or call 888-253-4778.

7. Triple S Services Inc.
Providing environmentally friendly and safe pest elimination services for residential, commercial and construction sites, Triple S Services Inc. gives clients a  100% control of their property through its range of innovative and effective services. They are also concerned about your kids and pets, and therefore carry out treatment measures which are harmless to your loved ones. To schedule a service, go to   or call its helpline on 800-457-3785.

8. Holiday Termite and Pest Control
For a pest control company who has seen it all, you need not worry as they give you the much-needed break from your pest worries through its comprehensive elimination services. Holiday Termite and Pest Control eliminate pests from within and around your home as well as provide preventive treatment and tips after ridding your property of pests. For questions or to request a free quote, send a mail to  or call 703-569-9333.

9. Gretem Services
Gretem Services is a family owned business which has been in the business of providing highly satisfactory and effective pest elimination service to clients for decades. In keeping with its tradition, it assures clients of complete satisfaction, as well as the provision of a hassle-free pest solution. Its services are split across residential pest control commercial pest control, termite control rodent control and bed bug control categories. To request a quote, go to  or call 757-371-2551.

10. Universal Pest and Termite Inc.
Some pest elimination services provided by Universal Pest and Termite Inc. include its termite treatment which goes for $199.00, a quarterly pest program at $55.00 and property insulation services including plumbing and inspection which is charged at no cost at all. All its treatment methods and products are environmentally safe and also safe for your pets and kids. To schedule a service, visit  or call 757-502-0200.

These are the top 9 pest control companies in Virginia, considered under the headline “Virginia Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” They have proven to be reliable and have thousands of satisfied customers across Virginia to show. With a widespread coupled with their several locations across Virginia’s major cities, their wide reach is an advantage for customers as there is a wider choice to select from. Some of Virginia’s major cities include Richmond, Virginia Beach, Alexandria, Norfolk, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, and Hampton. Others are Fredericksburg, Newport News, Jamestown, Manassas, Falls Church, Herndon, Lynchburg, Ashburn, Vienna, and Blacksburg.

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