UK Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

There are several UK pest control services which offer highly innovative pest elimination services. Some of these leverage on the advantages presented by technology in bringing highly effective pest elimination services to households and businesses.

We focus on “Affordable UK Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies” with the aim of unveiling some of the most efficient pest control services in the UK. These services compete among themselves in bringing highly satisfactory services to clients. In the light of the above, we will list the UK’s top 10 control companies starting with the following;

UK Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Beaver Pest Control
Beaver Pest Control is a winner of the prestigious British Pest Management’s Company of the Year award. Being in a major player in the provision of cutting-edge pest elimination services to homes and businesses, Beaver Pest Control has gained a reputation as a leader with an experienced crop of technicians who provide highly reliable and effective services. For a free quotation visit   or call Beaver Pest Control on 020 8355 3443.

2. PestForce
With a wide network of technicians spread across the UK, PestForce is a national brand that brings efficient pest solutions to homes and businesses. its highly trained and experienced technicians provide a thorough pest elimination for your property using state of the art equipments and processes at arriving a desired end. It has a PestForce Technician Locator on its website where customers can easily locate a PestForce technician nearest to them. For details, call 0333 567-0577 or visit  .

3. Shield Pest Control UK
Shield Pest Control UK provides complete pest control and elimination services to domestic as well as commercial properties. All of its technicians are highly trained and fully certified with customers having the assurance of benefitting from its range of exceptional pest control services which will eliminate their doubts. Its range of services includes rodent pest control, insect pest control bird pest control and mammal pest control. For more on these, send a mail to  or call 0800 954 8098.

4. Rentokil
Rentokil Pest Control is an all solutions pest control provider. Some of its services include property care which involves the treatment of woodworm and wet and dry rot among others. It also offers professional and highly effective damp proofing treatments as well as tanking solutions. Other services include the elimination of bed bugs, rodents and fleas. Its technicians are well skilled in bringing totally satisfying services to its customers as their years of experience count towards making every job highly satisfactory. For its pest control services, call 0808 256 1354.  .

5. JG Pest Control
JG Pest Control services is a family run and friendly pest control company which provides reliable and trusted services with its well trained technicians who are fully certified. Some of the common pests it eliminates include rats, mice, bed bugs, birds, bees, ants, wasps, fleas, spiders, moles, moths, glis gllis, foxes, cockroaches, squirrels, silverfish, and woodworm among several others. Find more information by visiting   or call 0330 053 9001.

6. UK Pest Solutions Ltd
UK Pest Solutions Ltd is a pest control service provider with a difference. It offers its effective pest elimination services with the use of unmarked vans especially for your businesses such as restaurants. Customers will not have to worry about their clients seeing our vans outside their restaurants. All its pest elimination services come with a guarantee, and its services are very flexible as such services can be tailored to suit the busy schedule of clients. For further details, visit   or call 0844 879 3137.

7. Total Pest Control
True to its name, Total Pest Control is a reliable partner to call for your total pest control as it provides complete protection against pests such as birds, rodents, crawling insects, flying insects, domestic pest control services, commercial pest control services and clearance services among others. Total Pest Control is a member of the British Pest Control Association. To get a quote, call 01235 819511 or visit .

8. Millennium Pest Control
Providing round the clock pest solutions for homes and commercial clients, Millennium Pest Control handles a variety of pest issues ranging from cat fleas, dog fleas, rats, mice, moles, squirrels, silverfish, cloth moths, carpet moths, cockroaches, ants, mites, bed bugs, wasp nests among several others. To find out more about its services, Call Millennium Pest Control on 0800 085 4460 or call

9. Mitie
With over 4 decades in providing cutting-edge pest solutions through the use of IPM (Intelligent Pest Management) solutions, Its range of services includes rodent control, fly control, insect control and bird control among several other services. Its steps to having an IPM approach include first understanding the pest risk, making the right recommendations, the implementation of the program, around the clock monitoring and reporting as well as auditing and evaluation. To find out more, visit Mitie on   .

10. Anticimex
Anticimex offers guaranteed satisfactory treatments for all types of domestic and commercial pest problems, as well as providing advice to property owners on how best to handle their pest issues. For a quick treatment of all your pest problems, contact Anticimex on 0800 132 575. Its pest treatments cover a variety of pests which include bed bugs, squirrels, rabbits and moles, woodlice, birds/pigeons, ants and bugs, rats and mice, wasps and bees among others. Get more information on .

These are the UK’s top 10 pest control companies considered under UK Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies.”  Known for their reputation for providing high-quality pest elimination services to homes and businesses, they have won customer confidence in their ability to provide far-reaching solutions to every pest problem. Their presence is also spread across UK’s major cities. Some of the major cities in the UK are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Southampton, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield. Others are Bristol, Belfast, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Sunderland, Bradford, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow, and Portsmouth.

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