Tucson Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Tucson is one of the major cities in Arizona and is home to several pest control companies. Many of these companies provide comprehensive and innovative pest elimination services to clients. There are those which have built a solid reputation for providing exceptional pest control services for homes and businesses.

This is what influences the focus of this article “Affordable Tucson Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies”  as we seek to unveil some of the most respectable pest control companies operating within the city of Tucson. Below are the 9 top pest control companies in Tucson;

Tucson Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Responsible Pest Control Services
Responsible Pest Control services attach high importance to all their pest elimination jobs using responsible methods and techniques such as environmentally friendly products which are also safe for households and businesses. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, its services are divided into different plans which include a monthly pest control starting at $49.00 per month, a bi-monthly pest control service starting at $69.00 per month as well as its quarterly pest control service starting at $89.00 every 3 months. To schedule a service, call 520-585-5396 or visit responsiblepestcontrol.net/request-service/.

2. Northwest Exterminating
Northwest Exterminating provides high-quality pest elimination services for residential and commercial properties with its personalized services and the use of state of the art equipment in bringing lasting solutions to its customers. Some of its services include weed control, bed bug control, bee control, pest control and termite inspection and treatments. To schedule a service, call 520-888-2847 or visit nwexterminating.com/contact/.

3. Essential Pest Control
With high-quality pest elimination services that include residential and commercial pest control, Essential Pest Control provides residential pest elimination services that include residential weed control, residential pest control, residential bee removal services, and residential termite control. Its commercial services include new construction and real estate services, commercial bed bug treatments, commercial bee control, commercial pest control, commercial termite control as well as commercial weed control services. For a free consultation, visit www.essentialpest.com/contact-us/  or call (520) 908-6251.

4. Wildcat Exterminating
Wildcat Exterminating offers professional pest and weed control services to its clients. These range of services are available for residential and commercial properties and include bed bug treatments, weed abatement services, weed control, pest control, termite control, rodent control and bee control services. It has a military discount program as well as a senior citizen discount program. Its termite treatments are backed by a 7-year warranty and its services are fully licensed and insured. Call 520-829-5174 or visit www.wildcatexterminating.com/contact  for a free estimate.

5. Termagon Inc
Termagon Inc handles a variety of pest problems involving pests such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, roaches, rodents, fleas, and mites among others. All of its pest elimination services are very affordable. Its treatment methods and products are also very safe and environmentally friendly. For further details on its full range of services, call 877-850-2494 or visit www.termagon.com/contact-us.

6. Rigo Pest Prevention
With an effective residential and commercial pest service available for all its customers, Rigo Pest Prevention is the ideal pest control company to trust for all types of pest services. Its services include a thorough evaluation period aimed at selecting the most effective corrective measures. It also does a careful sanitation of residential and commercial properties which includes the removal of harmful bird debris, the installation of nesting resistant materials, mosquito and fly elimination services, general pest, and ant control treatments as well as scorpion control among others. Find out more by calling 520-744-6177 or visit www.rigopest.com/contact.

7. Arizona Exterminating Co.
For professional pest control services, Arizona Exterminating Co. is the name to trust. Some of its services include real estate inspections, barriers and home sealing services, bed bug control, termite control, nuisance bird control, rodent control services, weed control, and fumigation services. All of its services are available for residential as well as commercial properties. For further details or to schedule an inspection or service, visit azext.com/contact/   or call (520) 829-4230.

8. Budget Pest Control
Budget Pest Control are the specialists in providing low-cost pest control services such as general pest control, termite control and weed service. With its several years of experienced backed by its integrity in finding total solutions to the pest problems of its customers, Budget Pest Control has won the trust of its clients through its effective services driven by innovation. Its termite treatments include a 5-year guarantee, plus annual and professional inspections. For inquiries, send a mail to BudgetpestControlAZ@gmail.com  or call 520-290-8010.

9. Gecko Pest Management Inc.
Gecko Pest Management Inc. is family owned businesses which have serviced residential and commercial properties for over a decade. Some of its services include pest control through its pest management services, termite control, pack rat removal and control, mosquito control, bed bug control bee removal services, weeds and landscaping services. To schedule a service, visit www.geckopest.com/contact/  or call (520)579-1701.

The top 9 pest control companies in Tucson have been provided above under the topic “Tucson Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.”  These are very reliable pest control companies which have brought relief from pest activities for residential and commercial properties. Tucson’s major neighborhoods include El Presidio, Barrio Historico, Armory Park, Barrio Anita, Barrio Tiburon, Barrio El Jardin, Barrio El Hoyo, Barrio Santa Rosa, Feldman’s and Menlo Park. Others include Iron Horse, West University, Dunbar Spring, Pie Allen, and Sam Hughes.

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