Texas Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

With several Texas pest control services competing for client patronage through the provision of innovative pest elimination services, some of these companies offer these services better than others. This article looks to provide the most reliable pest control services operating within the state of Texas under the topic “Affordable Texas Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.”

While providing the best services, they also have several locations within the state of Texas, which is why we will look into the major cities in Texas by populations. Find the top 9 pest control companies in Texas below;

Texas Exterminator and Pest Control

1. ABC Home and Commercial Services
With its range of exceptional services that include pest and rodent control, lawn care and fertilization services and commercial services, ABC Home and Commercial Services is a leader in the pest control industry, as it has provided its range of highly effective pest elimination services to clients for several years. Under its pest and rodent control services, it handles pest issues such as termite, bed bug and ant elimination services among others.

Mowing and maintenance services are provided under its lawn service and fertilization category, while commercial services include all types of pest elimination and control services for businesses. To schedule a service, go to www.abchomeandcommercial.com/dallas/schedule-service  or call (469)549-7300.

2. North Texas Pest Control Services
With a wide range of services that include mosquito control, carpenter ant control, stinging insect control, ant control, termite control and pest control services, North Texas Pest control Services is a trusted name in the provision of cutting-edge solutions to all types of pest problems. Its technicians have seen it all, and bring in their wealth of experience to every job it handles, either small or big in bringing total satisfaction to its clients. For further details or inquiries, send an email to ntxpest@verizon.net  or call 972-989-0371.

For whatever pest issues customers may have, BUGCO offers clients a reliable service and long lasting relief from the most stubborn pest infestations. Its categories of services are residential and commercial pest control services and real estate inspections. Services included under these categories include bed bug treatment, fire ant treatment, termite treatment, mosquito treatments through its misting systems, as well as BUGCO Perimeter of Protection plan which places a barrier around your property after successfully eliminating all forms of pests. This perimeter helps in keeping pests at bay. For details on these services, go to www.bugco.org/  or call 210-340-2847.

4. Ameri-Tech Termite and Pest Control Inc.
Ameri-Tech Termite and Pest Control Inc. have a variety of pest solutions for residential and commercial properties. Some of the pests it handles include Ants, rodents, bed bugs and termites among a long list of other pests. The advantage of using its services is its 100% satisfaction guarantee it offers its customers. Its full pest service starts at $49.95. Technicians perform a thorough inspection of the property to determine the level of damage and infestation. The results are used in selecting the most effective treatment approach and products to use. For more details, go to ameritechpest.com/pest-control-solutions-dallas-fort-worth.html  or call 214-589-2844.

5. Texas Pest Solutions
Texas Pest Solutions is a trusted partner in bringing highly effective and satisfactory pest elimination services for residential as well as commercial clients. Some of these services range from general pest control services, termite control, bed bug extermination, rodent removal services as well as mosquito lawn control services. Texas Pest Solutions also provide wildlife removal and relocation services for clients, keeping properties and businesses free of pest-related worries. For inquiries, send an email to infor@texaspestsolutions.com  or call its helpline on 972-416-7354.

6. Action Services Wildlife and Pest Control
Action Services Wildlife and Pest Control is a leader in the provision of cutting-edge pest control services to residential and commercial clients. These services include general pest control, termite extermination, attic insulation removal/replacement, animal proofing and restoration, dead animal removal, as well as its comprehensive 25 point inspections. It also provides wildlife removal and relocation services among several other services which all have attractive pricing. All its pest treatment methods and products are eco-friendly and safe for kids and pets. To schedule a service, call 254-717-6077.

7. Venus Pest Company
Venus Pest Company offers remarkably convenient pest elimination services which are all environmentally friendly and safe for your kids and pets. Clients can also trust its expertise and years of experience which technicians bring to the job in ensuring clients are completely satisfied. This is evident in the many positive reviews clients have given about its services. If you have inquiries about its range of services, send an email to dfwservice@venuspest.com  or call (469) 964-5195.

8. Bugs Incorporated
Handling a variety of pest issues through its treatment methods that include general pest control, mosquito treatments, termite control, fire ant control and bed bug control services, Bugs Incorporated is the trusted name in finding the right solutions for all types of pest issues/problems. If you need to schedule a service or obtain an estimate, visit www.bugsincorporated.com/contact_us.html  or call its helpline 281-391-4094.

9. Bill Clark Bug Experts
With several years of experience in tackling all forms of pest issues and problems, Bill Clark Bug Experts has every solution to your pest needs, as it has seen it all. Its team of competent and experienced technicians ensures you get the best results by conducting a thorough inspection of your property and use the results obtained in choosing the best treatment methods to apply. All its services are offered for residential, commercial and industrial properties. For details, call Bill Clark Bug Experts on 800-924-7072.

The top 9 pest control services/companies have been unveiled under the topic “Texas Pest Control Services –  Top 9 Companies.” Each of these companies has proven to be very reliable, and have outlets spread across Texas’ major cities. Some of the major cities in Texas include; Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Arlington, Plano, and Amarillo. Others are Galveston, Lubbock, Waco, Irving, College Station, New Braunfels, McAllen, Frisco, Abilene and South Padre Island-Texas.

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