San Diego Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

The increasing number of San Diego pest control companies has left many wondering which pest control companies offer the best or most reliable services. Although each of these brings innovative services to attract patronage among clients, some are better at providing these services than others.

In this article, we are concerned with listing the top 9 pest control companies in San Diego under the topic; “Affordable San Diego Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” With these, the reader has the choice of selecting any of them which provides the most suitable pest elimination services. Below are the top 9 pest control companies in San Diego;

San Diego Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Joshua’s Pest Control
With over 2 decades of experience in the pest control services industry, Joshua’s Pest Control brings innovation to the effective elimination of pests through the use of environmentally safe methods and products which are harmless to kids and pets but very effective in eliminating all types of pest issues. Also known as the friendly experts, Joshua’s Pest Control will eliminate all types of pest issues no matter how difficult they are. To request a quote, go to   or call (858)247-3407.

2. Antac Pest Control
Antac Pest Control provides a variety of pest solutions such as bee removal services, rodent control, gopher and squirrel control, animal removal and relocation services, insulation services, general pest control, bed bug control and termite control services among other services. Antac Pest Control technicians bring their many years of experience in handling all types of pest issues efficiently. For more details or inquiries, send a mail to  or call 858-505-8080.

3. Payne Pest Management
Payne Pest Management uses environmentally safe methods and products in bringing long-lasting relief to its residential and commercial clients. its services are provided for single-family homes, homeowners associations, military housing projects as well as for commercial buildings. Its technicians will effectively handle every pest and infestation issue with a dedication to service as well as being very thorough. To learn more about its services, visit  or call 858-368-9846.

4. Thrasher Termite and Pest Control
Thrasher Termite and Pest Control will thrash out every pest problem you have, no matter how difficult it may seem. With its several years of experience in the provision of total relief to businesses and households, no case is too difficult to handle as it has seen it all. Some common pests handled by Thrasher Termite and Pest Control include termites, rats, crawling pests, bed bugs, flying pests and landscape pests. For more details, go to

5. Lloyd’s Pest Control
Lloyd’s Pest Control handles a variety of pests consisting of snails, flies, scorpions, bees, silverfish, bed bugs, rodents, earwigs, crickets, fleas, termites, roaches, spiders and ants among several others. It also handles wildlife removal and relocation services. Its technicians are its greatest assets, as they seek to exceed client expectations in providing high-value services with long-lasting impacts. It provides its quality services to offices, government establishments, medical facilities, property managers, retail industry, markets, campus and several others. For further details, call 1-800-223-2847.

6. Hydrex Pest Control
The major goal of Hydrex Pest Control is the total satisfaction of its customers. This it does through the effective elimination of all forms of pest issues infesting its client’s properties. Its services are available to both residential and commercial clients and are driven by innovation which its technicians bring to the job. Their several years of experience also counts in bring total relief from pests for households and businesses. To schedule a service, visit   or call 1-800-735-7378.

7. Hearts Pest Management Inc.
Hearts Pest Management Inc. provides a variety of services that include residential pest elimination services, commercial pest elimination services, landscaping services, organic/green pest elimination methods as well as nature balance. Some common pests handled by it include bed bugs, termites, roaches, parasites, birds, bees and wasps, ants and spiders as well as garden pests. For further details on its range of services, visit  or call 1-800-986-1006.

8. Dewey Pest Control
Dewey Pest Control is a reliable partner in the provision of cutting-edge pest solutions to a variety of pest issues. Its treatment methods are environmentally safe and also safe for your kids and pets. Its pest elimination services are provided by experts in the field who bring their several years of experience to bear on the job. With Dewey Pest Control, you can count on getting total relief from pests. Visit  or call (877)339-3973.

9. We Got Ya Pest control
With a $50.00 discount off its pest elimination services for first-time customers, We Got Ya Pest Control has you covered. It provides a variety of pest elimination services covering the most common pests for residential as well as commercial properties. Its treatment methods are also safe for kids and pets. To learn more about its services, visit    or send an email to

These are the top 9 pest control companies in San Diego considered under “San Diego Pest Control Services –  Top 9 Companies.”  These pest control services have several locations across the city. Some of San Diego’s Cities and Towns include Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado,  Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, and Lemon Grove. Others are National City, Oceanside, Poway, San Diego, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach, Vista, Agua Caliente Springs, and Barrett.

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