Top 10 Pest Control Services for Homes

The top 10 pest control companies for home treatment unveiled in this article have a proven track record of excellence, as they have consistently provided total pest solutions for satisfied clients.

Residential pest infestation has become a major problem across the United States as well as around the world. A growing number of health cases relating to diseases transmitted by these pests are commonplace. A lot of cases relating to pest infestation are largely caused by poor sanitation and dismal hygienic conditions. Although not every case of infestation is caused by poor sanitary conditions.

In this article, we shall be focusing on the best pest control services for home use. We start with the following;

Top 10 Pest Control Services for Homes

1. Truly Nolen Pest Control Services
Truly Nolen is among the best pest control companies as it offers complete residential pest control solutions which cover all the types of common pest problems. The most common of these include bugs, roaches, bees, rodents, ants and termites among several other pests. It all starts with a free inspection provided by Truly Nolen to assess the level of damage or infestation.

A recommendation is given based on findings obtained from the inspection, followed by a comprehensive treatment plan. It also has a user-friendly service portal where its current clients can easily pay bills as well as reschedule services among several other features. To find out more, visit its website on

2. Dodson Pest Control
Dodson pest control offers comprehensive pest control services covering every possible pest control need of its numerous clients consisting of both new and existing. It conducts a free inspection to ascertain the level of damage/infestation. This is followed by an evaluation of the situation as well as the selection of the best method to combat the problem. Its long list of pest targets include termites, carpenter bees, flies, cockroaches, wood destroying beetles, rats and mice among others. To find out more about details of their services, contact them on

3. Terminix Pest Control
Terminix is a household name in the pest control industry as it offers reliable pest control services to both new and existing clients. The best pest control methods are used to ensure the total extermination of pests. In the course of providing these services, the safety of pets and kids are taken into consideration. This is to ensure that while providing the best extermination solutions for pests, the safety of pets and children does not stand in the way, as totally taken care of through the use of safer methods. Find more on

4. Orkin Pest Control
Orkin is among America’s foremost pest control services, offering a wide range of far-reaching pest control solutions to an ever increasing client base. Orkin has a database of seasonal pest activity for every region within the United States, which aids in providing the best response and treatment for these infestations. Some of the most commonly known household pests include termites, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, fire ants and several others which are effectively exterminated by Orkin. To view more detailed information about the services provided by Orkin and also contact them, visit

5. Plunkett’s Pest Control Services
Plunkett’s Pest Control provides value to clients through the provision of a comprehensive pest control service. What has made it successful over the years is the level of connection it has built with its clients, resulting in confidence, and ultimately trust clients have in its capacity to provide a lasting and reliable solution to pest infestation problems. Its licensed pest control technicians have been highly trained to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. For more details on its services, go to

6. Massey
Massey offers its clients a wide range of pest control treatment plans to choose from. Each of these plans offers customers a deep satisfaction by ensuring it meets and even exceeds their expectations. A downside to its operations is that it does not have a nation-wide presence, as its services are only restricted to a few states that include Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia. This means that people outside of these locations requiring pest control services will have to check elsewhere.

As with most pest control services, Massey’s pest control services cover several common household pests. They have been providing these excellent services for a long time. To schedule a free inspection, visit

7. Bulwark Exterminating
Bulwark is a strong name in the pest control services industry with a track record of excellence. This has seen the company achieve a high referral rate among clients who have been satisfied with its services. The reason for its success has been its workforce which the company has invested a lot of resources in training. This has resulted in the provision of cutting-edge services driven by innovation in the extermination of household pests. For more details on this, visit

8. Earthwise Pest Management
Also a major player in the pest control services industry, Earthwise Pest Management has won the confidence of its existing clients and continues to do so with new clients. Operating within the Sacramento, Roseville, and Folsom areas, Earthwise Pest Management offers a comprehensive household pest control plan for households. Go to for more details.

9. My Pest Pros
With a provision for live chat, My Pest Pros provides an easy-to-use platform for new and existing clients to access its pest control services. Its services are provided by certified professionals trained to offer clients the best pest control experience. It uses a non-chemical procedure in the extermination of pests from source, ensuring that the problem is adequately tackled. Visit  for more details on the range of residential pest control services offered.

10. Adams Pest Control
Adams pest control services offer its clients an effective pest control solution by not only exterminating pests but also traces the source and eliminates them. This has made it a trusted name in the pest control services sector, with lots of satisfied clients to show for. It provides extermination services for the most common to the most complex pests which may infest your home. To benefit from its services, visit for more information.

These are the top 10 pest control services for homes which can be taken advantage of by you. Whatever your needs, these pest control services are capable of providing a lasting solution of your homes consisting on indoors as well as outdoors.

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