Pest Control Price List for Roaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mice and Ants

There are a lot of pest control price list offered by several pest control companies or. These prices have a range within which they fall. Several factors contribute to the range of prices of pest control services. It is, for this reason, we will be focusing on pest control price list with the aim of unveiling these in a comprehensive manner to educate the potential client on what to expect.

Also, there are several pest control services available. Each of these has a range of price which they fall into. All of these will be provided here.

In covering the current pest control price list for Orkin, Terminix etc, we will look into pest control pricing estimates across different pest control services.

Pest Control Price List Estimates
Pest control price list differs across different pest control companies. Here, we will provide the estimates of some pest control services, starting with Topline Pest Eliminators. This pest control company offers various pest control services which are base on the pest problem at hand, as the extermination of some pest cost higher or lower than others. Its services are divided into General Services and Infestation Elimination. These two contain a list of services having different prices.

Pest Control Price List for Roaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mice and Ants

  • General Services

Under its general services category, there are general spray services starting from $40, other services under its general services include bedbug extermination/treatments which starts from $200/room, a $50 starting price for its attic dust application. $20 is charged for its de-webbing services which are also included in its general spray services. Its residential fumigation program goes for $140. These are the services provided under its general services category.

  • Infestation Elimination

The range of services included under this category includes its cockroach elimination services which start from $120. Others are bee elimination with starting price of $140, bed bug elimination charged per room and starting from $150, a $60 starting price for Ant elimination, scorpion extermination starting from $120, rat and mouse elimination services starting from $60, and its cockroach elimination service from $120. As earlier stated, these are estimates and could cost more based on other factors such as the size of the house or property. It is important to note that these prices may be reviewed by the pest control service.

Other Pest Control Services Price List
Other pest control services such as Stuart’s Pest Control give detailed cost quotations. However, there are other types of pest elimination services which require the client to call the service provider for the cost implications. Stuart’s Pest Control charges for its service on a “per square footage (sq. ft.)” basis.  Thus, 1 sq foot goes for $0.05. Therefore, a 2500 sq foot property will cost $125.00; 3,000 sq. ft. will go for $150.00, 3500 sq. ft for $175.00, and so on. The size of the property per sq. ft. is multiplied by the cost per sq. ft. in this case $0.05.

The cost of mice/rat elimination services starts at a minimum of $200.00. Another category is the termite treatment and inspection. There is a range of prices attached to the treatment of termites, and these include underground or subterranean termite spots which normally start at the rate of $200.00, depending on the extent of the damage. Termite elimination/treatment for a 3 bedroom standard home, starts from $550.00, while termite inspection starts from $75.00. Visit Stuart’s Pest control on

  • Temiguard Pest Control

Temiguard pest control has a range of prices it charges for its pest control services. Under its General Pest Treatment services, pests such as roaches (with the exclusion of German roaches), centipedes, millipedes, spiders, crickets, earwigs and pill bugs are covered for a service fee of $49.95. This comes with a 90-day guarantee plus a termite inspection of your home which is absolutely free.

Another treatment plan is its Power Spray control treatments which go for $200.00 and accompanied by a one year warranty. All general pests stated above are covered plus the treatment of wasps which is included in this treatment package. Under its Full Control treatments, clients pay $410.00 and cover all the above-mentioned pests plus fire and carpenter ants with all household pests included with the exception of flies, termites, and mosquitoes. This also comes with a one year warranty.

Other services provided by this pest control service include indoor and outdoor flea or tick elimination for $175.00, Carpenter ants for $150.00, yard spray for $80.00, and house ants elimination starting from $90.00. Discounts are also offered to individual and corporate clients. For individual clients, being a senior citizen or law enforcement personnel is a key criterion for qualification. Senior citizens must be available or present to qualify, while law enforcement personnel are to show proof to qualify. To contact Temiguard, visit

Important Things to Consider
It must be noted that there is no general pest control price list, as this differs from one Pest Control Company to another. Also, a factor which affects pricing is the level of infestation of the property or home as well as the size of the property. While many pest control services use the “per sq. ft.” strategy, the best and reliable way is to contact the pest control service for an inspection which is mostly done free, followed by a quote, depending on the level of pest infestation.

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