Pennsylvania Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Pennsylvania Pest control services offer a wide range of pest elimination services and control. Some of these services are distinct while others are not. Customers are always interested in finding out which pest control services are the most efficient. It is for this reason that this article focuses on the subject matter “Affordable Pennsylvania Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies,” with a special focus on the most reliable pest control services operating within the state of Pennsylvania.

This affords the reader the opportunity to make informed decisions when choosing any pest control company. We shall also mention some of Pennsylvania’s major cities as these pest control companies have several branches spread across these cities.

Pennsylvania Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Environmental Services Pest Control LLC
With quality pest control services offered at unbelievable rates, Environmental Services Pest Control is ahead of the pack in the provision of customer-friendly services in addition to high-quality services provided by highly experienced technicians who use innovative methods and procedures to rid your home or business of all types of pests. Environmental Services Pest Control offers home protection plans, commercial and residential properties protection, monthly, quarterly and yearly pest services for clients. All its products are safe and odorless. Find out more about its services here  or call 610-584-6063.

2. PESTCO Commercial Pest Control and Facility Hygiene Maintenance
With a special focus on providing businesses with highly effective pest control services. PESTCO Commercial Pest Control and Facility Hygiene Maintenance are the go-to guys in the provision of highly effective pest services for businesses. Some of its services include insect and rodent extermination as well as removal and exclusion services. Others include air freshening services, washroom hygiene, and pest management services. For inquiries, send an email to  or call 800-473-7820 toll free.

3. Metro Pest Control Services
Metro Pest Control Services offer a comprehensive pest treatment plan for residential and commercial clients covering a variety of clients. Because they have seen it all, your pest issues are not an exception, as they handle every pest problem effectively. Its technicians well trained and experienced to take on any pest issues you may have, as they bring their years of experience to bear on your pest problems. For further inquiries or questions, send a mail to  or call (570) 648-9091.

4. Aardvark Pest Control Services
For a comprehensive handling of all your pest problems, consider using the services of Aardvark, as there is no problem too big it can’t handle. Under its residential pest elimination program,  it offers a comprehensive annual protection plan, termite treatments, rodent control, green pest management services and Bed bug treatments. Its business or commercial services take care of drain line bioremediation, small fly control, rodent control, green pest management solutions, Termite treatments and AIB audits. Contact Aardvark Pest Control Services today on

5. Ehrlich
Ehrlich is a trusted partner in the provision of exceptional pest control services for residential and commercial properties. All its services are backed by a guarantee of complete satisfaction. Its services are handled by capable hands who have had years of experience in the provision of innovative services and solving a variety of pest problems ranging from the simplest to the most difficult ones.  To contact Ehrlich, go to  or call 1-877-459-1490.

6. Pointe Pest Control
Pointe Pest Control makes use of environmentally safe methods and products to eliminate all types of common pests. The total satisfaction of the customer is its major concern. This is why its technicians go all the way in bringing the needed solution to whatever pest problem and even exceed the expectations of the client. They bring their years of experience to bear through the provision of innovative services targeted at ensuring complete satisfaction.

7. Western Pest Services
Western Pest Services prides itself as the authority in pest control. It handles a variety of pest-related problems including wildlife removal and relocation services. It all starts with an inspection of your property by a Western Pest Services technician who possesses years of experience and conducts a thorough inspection to find out the level of infestation, as well as the damage done to your property. To schedule a free inspection, go to  or call 1-877-250-3857.

8. Humphrey’s Pest Control
Humphrey’s Pest Control offers environmentally safe pest elimination treatments for a wide variety of pests which include roaches, rodents, fleas/ticks, termites, spiders and ants among several others. Its major goal is to offer its customers the highest quality service for all their pest problems. If you suspect a pest problem, you can contact Humphrey’s Pest Control by sending an email to  or calling its helpline on 1-800-564-1000.

9. Gladhill Services
Any pest control service that promises you a 100% satisfaction guarantee means business, and this is what Gladhill Services is offering all new and existing customers. Its services include mold and moisture control, pest identification services, and duct cleaning services. These are in addition to its pest control services which cover a variety of common pests such as Bedbugs, Termites, Roaches, Rodents, and Fleas among others for both residential and commercial clients. If you have inquiries, send an email to  or call its helpline on 717-597-1040.

These are the top 9 pest control companies operating in Pennsylvania and considered under the topic “Pennsylvania Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” These companies have proven to be very reliable in handling all forms of infestation issues for clients and have outlets spread across the major cities of Pennsylvania, some of which include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, Lancaster, Allentown, Scranton, Bethlehem, Gettysburg, and Wilkes-Barre. Others are State College, Altoona, Mechanicsburg, Doylestown, Johnstown, Norristown, Pottstown, Williamsport, Greensburg, and Chambersburg.

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