Ohio Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

The state of Ohio is home to a lot of pest control services. As expected, some of these offer exceptional services while others are just average pest control companies. In this article, we shall discuss some of the top 9 pest control companies operating in Ohio under the topic “Affordable Ohio Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” These pest control services handle a variety of pest issues ranging from simple to complex.

In the end, the reader will be able to have a picture of the most reliable pest control services as well as make a pick among them. Also, because these pest control services have locations spread across the cities of Ohio, we will list some of Ohio’s major cities by population.

Ohio Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Stryker Pest Control LLC
Being family owned and operated, Stryker Pest Control LLC is a trusted name in the provision of highly effective pest control services. These services range from Animal control treatment, Bed bug treatment, Insect control, Termite Control and Rodent Control services. These services provide a lasting solution to pest problems such as roaches, Fleas, Ticks, Rodents, Mosquitoes, and Ants among several others. Its team of professionals are well trained and experienced to offer exceptional services aimed at exceeding the expectation of the customer. Contact Stryker Pest Control LLC on www.strykerpestcontrol.com/contact-us   or call its helpline 614-210-3268.

2. Ohio Exterminating Co.
Ohio Exterminating Co. has been in the business of providing high-value pest elimination services for homes and businesses for over 74 years! These services are categorized under residential and commercial services. They include Termite control, Bed bug treatments, and Mosquito elimination services. There are several pests which Ohio Exterminating Co. handles, and your pest problems are no different. If you need further details on its pricing or other information, send an email to achristman@ohioexterminating.com  or call its helpline toll free on 1(800) INSECTS.

3. Extermital Termite and Pest Control
For all types of pest extermination jobs, Extermital Termite and Pest Control will handle the job professionally and at friendly rates. Having over 75 years of experience and expertise, this pest control company has built its reputation as an authority in the field of pest elimination. It has a fully certified team of technicians who bring their many years of experience into any job they handle, whether big or small. It also offers free estimates as well as preferring the satisfaction of the customer over sales. Send an email to billing@extermital.com or sales@extermital.com  or call 866-667-5898 for immediate response.

4. Columbus Pest Control Inc.
According to Columbus Pest Control Inc, it handles all pest problems with “common sense pest solutions.” The common sense pest solution involves first identifying the pest problem. Here, customers are advised to save a sample or photo of the pest or problem for them to see. Secondly, the customer should be able to describe how, when and where pests are most frequently seen. Also, the treatment history is needed to aid in using an effective approach. To find a lasting solution, the customer is also encouraged to describe the condition his home, surrounding areas and landscape. These will help Columbus Pest Control formulate the most effective treatments. For further details, go to www.columbuspestcontrolinc.com/contact-us/   or call (614) 279-1587.

5. Torco Termite and Pest Control
Torco Termite and Pest Control offer its clients a wide range of pest control services covering residential and commercial properties. It all begins with an inspection where a highly skilled Torco Termite and Pest Control technician visits the property and assesses the level of damage as well as the severity of infestation. The results of the inspection determine the treatment methods and products to apply. After successfully eliminating the pests, scheduled visits are fixed to monitor any resurgent cases of infestation. Contact Torco Termite and Pest Control on www.torcotermite.com/Contact-us-Columbus-OH.html#ContactUs   or call (877) 638-7173.

6. Ace Exterminating Co.
In all cases of pest infestation, Ace Exterminating Co. holds the ace in bringing long-lasting solutions to all types of pest problems. Some of its services include pest control, Termite control, pest control audit program, mole control, bird control and netting, grease trap and drain line, fly control, Bed bugs treatment and rodent control services. All of the above services are handled by well trained and experienced technicians who offer the customer nothing less than satisfactory services. For more details regarding its services, go to www.aceexterminating.com/  or call (513) 298-5047.

7. Varment Guard Environmental Services Inc
Varment Guard Environmental Services Inc. provides a variety of pest elimination services which include residential pest management, commercial pest solutions, bird management solutions, Bed bug detection and treatment services, Termite management services and consultations and training for a variety of pest needs. Varment Guard Environment Services Inc. has positioned itself as one of the most efficient pest services located in Ohio. For further details on its services, go to www.varmentguard.com/contact-us/  or call 800-610-9757.

8. Allied Exterminating Inc.
Allied Exterminating Inc. forms an alliance with its customers to finding the most effective pest elimination methods for their properties. Its services are categorized under residential pest control services, commercial pest control services and industrial pest control services. Common pests handled include moths, wasps, spiders, silverfish, fleas, mice, ants, rodents, roaches and carpet beetles among others. There are different plans for its maintenance services. These include monthly-bimonthly and quarterly services. Go to www.alliedexterminators.com/form.htm  for more details.

9. Frame’s Pest Control
With Frame’s Pest Control as your reliable partner, you can take back control of your property. It offers customers a contract-free offering as well as reliable services handled by its crop of highly experienced and reliable technicians who are interested in exceeding the expectations of the client. Also, all its treatment methods are environmentally friendly and safe around your pets and kids. Its services are categorized under residential, commercial and agricultural pest control.

These are the top 9 pest control companies in the state of Ohio. They have been, and continue to be instrumental in bringing total satisfaction for households and businesses. Considered under the topic “Ohio Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies,” it affords the reader the opportunity to make informed choices. Also, these have branches spread across Ohio’s major cities. Some of Ohio’s major cities include Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, Kent, Westerville, and Findlay. Others are Chillicothe, Elyria, Zanesville, Massillon, Lorain, Middletown, Strongsville, Hilliard, Willoughby, and Perrysburg.

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