NYC Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Finding a reliable NYC pest control company is very important to completely eliminating all types of pest problems. There are several of these companies which offer pest control services to homes and businesses. However, the quality of service differs from one Pest Control Company to another. This has influenced our topic “Affordable NYC Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies” as we seek to unveil some of the most reliable pest elimination companies operating within New York City.

Following the top 10 pest control companies in New York City, we will also make mention of the major cities within NYC. Below are the top 9 pest control companies in NYC;

NYC Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Positive Pest Management
Positive Pest Management brings positivity to your negative pest situation by bringing hope through its effective and reliable handling of all types of pest problems which consists of rodents, silverfish, termites, stinging insects, roaches, fleas, earwigs, moths, bird mites, bed bugs, beetles, ants among several others. Positive Pest Management has a team of dedicated technicians who possess the experience as well as skill to eliminate all your pest issues. Find out more about them by visiting  or call 1-800-294-3130.

2. RJS Pest Management Specialists
RJS Pest Management Specialists specialize in finding long-lasting solutions to all types of pest infestation problems. Its services are mainly commercial pest elimination and have an impressive 96% retention rate among its customers. Whatever the type of business, RJS Pest Management Specialists has you covered. For details or inquiries, send a mail to  or call its helpline on (212)896-1299.

3. Green Earth Pest Control
Green Earth Pest Control uses eco-friendly pest treatment methods and products in achieving the highest standards in pest elimination. These are also safe for kids and pets. Some of its services include pest control, termite control, as well as comprehensive property inspection and treatments for property managers. Green Earth Pest Control services apartments, private homes, multi-family housing units, shelters, nursing homes as well as student dorms among others. To schedule an appointment, go to  or send an email to  You can also call (212) 444-1034.

4. Magic Exterminators
For all types of pest issues for residential or commercial properties, Magic Exterminators will give you the results you seek through its innovative pest elimination treatments using methods and products that are environmentally safe and also safe for kids and pets. its technicians are its biggest assets, as they bring in their many years of experience in successfully solving difficult pest infestation issues to bear on the job. Call Magi Exterminators at (516) 621-6861.

5. Control Exterminating Company
Control Exterminating Company gives you back control over your home or property through its expert handling of all types of pest infestation issues. Located in the heart of NYC, Control Exterminating Company has brought solutions to homes and businesses for over 43 years, handling a variety of pests which include roaches, bed bugs, termites and many more. For details on these and other services, visit  or call 212-847-3842.

6. M & M Pest Control
M & M Pest Control brings innovation to the effective elimination of all types of pests through its eco-friendly pest elimination methods. These are handled by licensed professionals with several years of experience in eliminating all types of pest issues. For further details, visit  or send a mail to  for inquiries. M & M Pest Control can also be reached on 212-219-8218.

7. One Hour Pest Control
One Hour Pest Control offers its residential and commercial clients reliable pest elimination services which include pest inspections, rapid pest treatments as well as pest exclusions as may be needed. Its pest inspection services are thorough, and treatments commence based on findings. Some of its pest elimination services include roach extermination, ant extermination, beetle control, bird control services, cloth moth control, flea control, mosquito control, fly pest control, fruit fly pest control, rats and mice control, and bed bug extermination services. For more on these, send a mail to  or call (646) 568-7150.

8. NYC Pest Control
NYC Pest Control offers pest elimination services which include residential services, bed bug specialists services, and commercial services. Some common insects it handles includes fabric pests, biting insects, ants, flies, occasional invaders, pantry pests, roaches, rodents, ticks and mites, termites, stinging pests and spiders among several others. To schedule a service, visit  or call 718-855-3019.

9. Broadway Exterminators
Broadway Exterminators provides efficient pest elimination services for a wide range of pests through its residential pest control services as well as commercial pest control services. Its other services include Do-It-Yourself Professional Pest Control solutions, Commercial Pest Control Management, CRYONITE freezing system and its Exclusion services which include spackling, filling floor cracks. For inquiries or to request further details, send a mail to  or call 212-663-2100.

These pest control companies are the top 9 companies in NYC which have demonstrated the capacity to handle all types of difficult pest situations with a full guarantee of satisfaction for clients. These have been considered under the topic of discussion; “NYC Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” These have locations spread across NYC. Some of NYC’s cities include Albany, Amsterdam, Auburn, Batavia, Beacon, Binghamton, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Cohoes, and Corning. Others are Cortland, Dunkirk, Elmina, Fulton, Geneva, Glen Cove, Glens Falls, Gloversville, Hornell, and Hudson.

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