North Dakota Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

There is an increasing desire among businesses and homeowners in knowing the most reliable North Dakota pest control services. This article seeks to come to the help of the reader in revealing some of the most reliable pest control services operating within the state of North Dakota and considered under the topic; “Affordable North Dakota Pest Control Services – Top 8 Companies.” The companies selected have a proven track record of providing exceptional and reliable pest elimination and control services for decades.

Your top 8 pest control companies are;

North Dakota Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Dakota Pest Control
Dakota Pest Control provides a wide range of pest solutions ranging from pest control, termite control, residential and commercial pest control services among others. Its reliability stems from its exceptional pest elimination services handled by professionals such as its technicians who are adequately trained to take on any pest challenge. With several years of success in handling a variety of pest problems, yours will be no different as you can trust them to help you eliminate all your pest problems.

2. Pro-Safe Services
If you have a pest problem on your hand but are concerned about the safety of your family or pets, then you need not bother as Pro-Safe Services is your trusted partner in the provision of exceptionally safe and effective pest elimination services. All its methods and products are environmentally safe, and also, the years of experience of its technicians which they bring to the job is another factor to keep pests at bay, and your mind at rest. Some of its services include ground sterilization, tree spraying, and grass seeding among others. Contact Pro-Safe Services at  or call its helpline 701-774-3167.

3. Johnson’s Pest Control
Johnson’s Pest Control handles a variety of pest problems covering residential and commercial properties. Some of the common pests it eliminates include roaches, Spiders, Fleas, Millipedes, Ants, and Termites among several others. All its pest control services are handled by competent hands which are well trained and possess decades of experience. These technicians understand all your pest problems. They perform a thorough inspection of your property to know the extent of infestation as well as the infested areas. The results are used in choosing the best treatment method and products to apply. To schedule a service, go to   or call 800-959-2516.

4. Plunkett’s
With over 100 years of experience in handling all types of pest problems, Plunkett’s Pest Control is a formidable name in the pest control services industry. Some of its services include Bed bug treatments, Termite inspection, and control, pest identification as well as residential and commercial pest services. All its pest elimination methods and products are environmentally safe and also safe around your pets and family. To schedule a service, go to   or call 1-800-434-6117.

5. Bohlman Pest Control LLC
Bohlman Pest Control LLC is the total solutions provider for all your pest problems and needs. With a quality assurance on all of its services, Bohlman Pest Control achieves its objectives through its highly trained and experienced technicians who are skilled in handling a variety of pest issues using environmentally safe methods and products which are highly effective in eliminating all types of pests. Find out more about Bohlman Pest Control’s services by visiting  or calling its helpline on 701-775-4099.

6. Midwest Pest Control
If you need a 100% guaranteed pest control service, then consider using Midwest Pest Control. This pest control service is efficient in the provision of a variety of pest solutions for homes and businesses. Its services are mainly divided into residential pest control, commercial pest control Termite control services and Bedbug elimination services. All of these are handled by experienced hands who have been in the business of bringing solutions to families and businesses for decades. To schedule a service or inspection, go to

7. All Seasons Pest Control
All Seasons Pest Control is your trusted partner in the provision of reliable pest elimination services. Its services include pest prevention programs, Bed bug solutions, landscape care, property management, rodents and pest control services. These are 100% guaranteed and handled by its team of highly trained and qualified technicians with years of experience. No matter the severity of your pest problems, All Seasons Pest Control technicians have seen it all and will help you take control of your property. If you have inquiries or clarifications, send an email to   or call 1-253-201-1088.

8. Runyan’s Animal Nuisance and Bat Control
There are times when animals can become a nuisance as they can get stuck on your property or hang around where you don’t want them to be. If that is the case, you can take back control of your property by calling Runyan’s Animal Nuisance and Bat Control. They approach the job with professionalism, providing safe and humane animal removal services. Some of these animals may include snakes, skunks, beaver, squirrels or raccoons among others. Contact Runyan’s Animal Nuisance and Bat Control on   call 701-255-1987.

The above are some of the most effective and reliable pest elimination services in North Dakota you can trust. Considered under the topic “North Dakota Pest Control Services – Top 8 Companies,” these companies have office locations across North Dakota’s different cities. Some of its largest cities by population include Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, Williston, Dickinson, Mandan, West Fargo, Devils Lake, and Watford City. Others are Wahpeton, Valley City, Bottineau, Medora, New Town, Rugby, Casselton, Cavelier, Hazen, and Hettinger.

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