New Hampshire Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

When it comes to New Hampshire pest control services, people are more concerned about the company which would do a thorough job at the most cost-effective rate. This is part of the reason we are focusing on the most reliable pest control companies in New Hampshire under the topic “Affordable New Hampshire Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.”

In the end, the reader will be able to make his/her selection based specific or general needs. Also, we will make mention of the major cities in New Hampshire. Below are the top 9 Pest Control companies in New Hampshire;

New Hampshire Exterminator and Pest Control

1. JP Pest Services
JP Pest Services provides a variety of pest solutions which are safe and effective in eliminating all forms of pest problems. Its methods and products are safe and environmentally friendly. Its range of services falls under residential and commercial pest control services. It has an efficient and experienced workforce to approach their work with dedication. Its technicians have years of experience which they bring to their jobs. However difficult you feel your pest problems are, JP Pest Services brings you long-lasting solutions. Contact JP Pest Services on or call its helpline 1-800-222-2908.

2. Colonial Pest Control Inc.
Colonial Pest Control Inc. is competent in the provision of a wide range of pest solutions for clients. Its services are not only restricted to pest elimination services alone but also provides wildlife removal and relocation services for all its clients. Having an experience of over 30 years in the provision of satisfactory pest elimination services, Colonial Pest Control has become a trusted name in the pest control services sector. Its technicians are its biggest assets as they approach their jobs with professionalism. If you have questions or need a free quote, call 1-800-525-8084 or go to

3. 603 Pest Control Services
603 Pest Control Services not only provides pest elimination services but also guarantees its customers a money-back guarantee on its services. Another thing which makes 603 Pest Control Services unique is the sense of humor it brings to the job and maintains during the period of inspection and treatment. There is no pest problem which is beyond the capacity of 603 Pest Control Services to handle as it has seen it all. Your pest problems are not different and its technicians are fully certified and insured to bring total satisfaction to the customer. You can contact 603 Pest Control Services on or call 844-470-7973.

4. New England Pest Control of N.H.
Providing environmentally safe pest elimination treatment for households and businesses, New England Pest Control of N.H. is a trusted name in the pest control services industry. When the customer calls them on 1-800-881-7378,  it responds immediately by sending its trained and experienced technicians to inspect your property. The inspection is a thorough process aimed at finding out the causes of infestation, the level or severity of infestation and also the best treatment methods to use. Its treatment methods are environmentally safe and effective in bringing a lasting solution. To request a quote, go to

5. Haydee’s Pest-Free Management
Haydee’s Pest-Free Management provides an advanced and environmentally friendly pest treatment services to clients covering residential and commercial properties. Another advantage to using its services is its affordability. All its pest control methods are safe for the family and pets and have a guarantee of getting the desired results. Its technicians are well trained and experienced in finding lasting solutions to all types of pest problems. For a free estimate, call (603) 749-0491 or visit

6. Garfield Pest Control
Garfield Pest Control is more than just a pest control service as it goes all the way in ensuring its customers achieve the highest level of satisfaction. It handles all types of pest problems such as Termite infestation, rodents, ants, Bedbugs, roaches, fleas and Mosquito elimination services. A Garfield Technician will come to your property to perform a thorough inspection and select the best treatment methods to apply. All of its methods are environmentally safe and also safe around kids and pets.

7. Fowler Pest Control and Termites
Fowler Pest Control and Termites is a formidable name in the provision of effective pest control services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. It is locally owned and operated and affords the customer a flexible treatment plan to choose from. It is also fully insured, taking care of any fears of property damage during treatment. To schedule an appointment, go to   or call Fowler Pest Control and Termites on (888) 813-8861.

8. Lolicata Pest Services Inc.
With over 25 years in providing cutting-edge pest solutions to thousands of clients, Lolicata Pest Services Inc. specializes in the provision of pest elimination services for single-family homes, multiple-unit residential dwellings and also for commercial and industrial buildings. So, whatever your pest needs are, call Lolicata Pest Services Inc. on (603) 203-4162. You can view more of its services by visiting

9. Critter Control
Critter Control will control all pest issues you have effectively through its elimination services or its pest preventive methods which involve scheduled bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly visits. During these visits, your property is treated to inhibit the activity of pests. It also has a 100% financing arrangement which can be found on Its services are not only restricted to pest elimination alone, as it also does wildlife removal and relocation for clients. Call Critter Control on 603-424-7452.

The top 9 pest control services have been unveiled under the topic “New Hampshire Pest Control Services –  Top 9 Companies.”  The reader has the choice of choosing any of these he/she considers most appropriate for his/her unique needs. These have outlets spread across New Hampshire’s major cities. Some of New Hampshire’s major cities include Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Portsmouth, Keene, Derry, Hanover, Exeter, Merrimack, and Lebanon. Others are Hampton, Durham, Laconia, Rochester, Conway, Hooksett, Claremont, Somersworth, Goffstown, and Gilford.

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