Massachusetts Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Massachusetts Pest Control companies may all perform pest elimination services for clients; however, there are different levels of satisfaction experienced by customers. The pest control company which offers the highest level of satisfaction to the most number of customers is normally regarded as the better company.

Our topic “Affordable Massachusetts Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies,” sheds light on some of the most reliable pest control services in Massachusetts. We start our list of the top 10 pest control services with the following;

Massachusetts Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Green Planet Pest Control
Green Planet Pest Control uses eco-friendly pest elimination products to get rid of all forms of pests. The common categories include common pests, Bedbugs, Termite treatments as well as residential and commercial pest elimination services. Whatever the level of infestation is, Green Planet Pest Control is equal to the task. Its pest treatment is handled by highly trained professionals who ensure the customer’s pests worries are completely solved. For more inquiries, go to  or call (617) 535-1943.

2. Ultra Safe Pest Management Inc.
Providing one of the safest pest elimination services to the environment, as well as to your kids and pets, Ultra Safe Pest Management Inc is a trusted name in the elimination of all forms of pests without a negative impact on humans and the environment. Apart from pest elimination, it also provides wildlife removal and relocation services. Its services are highly professional and driven by integrity. Go to  for more on its services.

3. Colonial Pest Control Inc
If you have a difficult pest situation on your hands, Colonial Pest Control Inc. is just a call away 1-800-525-8084. Its services include pest control, wildlife removal and relocation services, and its preventive treatments to ward-off pests and keep the properties of customers free of pests. Its offices are located at Andover, Framingham, Marlborough and Fitchburg. If you wish to get an online quote, visit to find out more.

4. Catseye
Catseye handles a variety of pest problems which cater for the most difficult pest issues faced by most households and businesses. Its services range from pest control, nuisance wildlife removal, Cat-Guard services which seal off all possible entry points in your home, as well as its Bed bug elimination service. Its technicians are state certified and fully licensed to handle all forms of pest problems. They strive to satisfy client needs. Contact Catseye on or call 888.244-5606.  

5. Guaranty Pest Elimination
With a guarantee to fully satisfy the needs of its customers, Guaranty Pest Elimination is a trusted partner in the provision of exceptional pest elimination services. These include Ant, Bees and Termite treatments among others. Guaranty Pest Elimination gives you the power to take your home back. For a free quote or to make further enquiries about its services, call Guaranty on (800) 727-4445 or contact it on

6. Security Pest Elimination
Security Pest Elimination has a flexible and easy to use pest elimination service, where customers can easily get price quotes over the phone lines 1-800-362-2687. Services include Termite treatments, the provision of expert wildlife removal, as well as a fully documented treatment process for future reference. All its treatment methods and products meet the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) specifications which are environmentally safe.

7. Burgess Pest Management
For every new service plan, Burgess Pest Management customers benefit from a $25.00 discount. Its range of services includes pest control, lawn care services and insulation cleanouts. It also handles Bed bug treatments as well as residential and commercial pest control services. Its treatment methods use the IPM strategy which ensures that the best pest elimination results are obtained while protecting the environment. Contact Burgess Pest Management today for a breakdown of all its services on

8. Biologic Pest Control
Biologic Pest Control services are hinged on control, prevention, and elimination. Its pest elimination methods are safe and offered to residential and commercial clients. Under its preventive treatment, the likelihood of pests gaining access to your property is limited by ensuring that likely causes are eliminated. If you wish to know more about its services or make inquiries, send an email to  or call 508-850-3960.

9. A1 Exterminators
A1 Exterminators is a pest extermination company which offers its quality pest control services through the state of Massachusetts. Some of the common bugs handled by A1 Exterminators include Ticks, Bedbugs, Ants, Bees Wasps and stinging insects, Mosquitoes, Carpenter Ants, Termites, Birds, roaches, and rodents. Its treatment methods are safe and very affordable. If you want to contact A1 Exterminators, go to or call (800)525-4825.

10. Hudson Pest Exterminators
Hudson Pest Exterminators has recognized the importance of meeting needs of its clients and it makes that its main priority through a dedication to service. All forms of pests are competently handled to rid households and businesses of pests. Each client it handles is treated on an individual basis and the best treatment approach is selected after conducting a thorough inspection of the property. Its consistency in the provision of quality services coupled with its quick response has attracted client loyalty. Contact Hudson Exterminators on for more details of its services.

The top 10 pest control companies in Massachusetts have been covered under the topic “Massachusetts Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies.” These are among the most reliable and consistent pest control companies that have won the confidence of clients across the State of Massachusetts. These also have a presence in almost all the major cities in Massachusetts. Some major cities include Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Salem, Springfield, Waltham, Framingham, Plymouth, Amherst, and Quincy, Others are Somerville, Concord, Brockton, New Bedford, Brookline, Fall River, Andover, Marlborough, Woburn, and Lyn.

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