Maine Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

There is always a desire to know the most competent Maine pest control service among the pack.  Although several pest services may claim to have the best services, a measure of their competence is easily done through the level of satisfaction its clients derive from its range of services.

We will focus on the topic “Affordable Maine Pest Control Services –  Top 10 Companies,” with a view to helping the reader know some of the most reliable pest control services operating in Maine. Below are the top 10 pest control services in Maine;

Maine Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Advantage Pest Control
Advantage Pest Control services offer clients the advantage of having all their pest issues handled by professionals, leaving them worry-free and happy. Some of the common pests handled by Advantage Pest Control include general pest control, Bed bug elimination and wildlife removal and relocation services. All the products used in the elimination of pests are environmentally friendly and around kids and pets.

There are several other pest-related services offered by Advantage pest control. For a full list of its services, or to schedule a service, send an email to or call its helpline 207-774-0457.

2. Maine Bedbug and Pest Control
Maine Bedbug and Pest Control handle all forms of pest infestation including Bedbugs. It uses heat remediation treatment to kill off bed bugs in any area of your home. Whatever the pest problem is, Maine Bedbug and Pest Control have you covered through its high precision pest elimination services handled by competent and highly trained technicians who are fully certified and licensed. To request a quote, go to or call (207) 650-8654.

3. Pine State Pest Solutions
If you are looking for a complete solution to all your pest needs (whatever they are), then you need the services of Pine State Pest Solutions, as they are the total pest solutions provider. They are locally owned and operated, with technicians having extensive experience in the field of pest elimination. Its response time is also impressive as they respond on time to the pest needs of clients, providing visible results in no time! Go to its website; to see the reviews from its clients. To schedule an inspection or for inquiries, call its helpline;  (207) 795-1100.

4. Green Pest Defence
Green Pest Defence is your reliable defense against all types of pests ranging from Carpenter Ants, Wasps, and Hornets, Rodents, Bedbugs, Fleas, Roaches and Mosquitoes among others. Using safe treatment methods and products which are environmentally safe, Green Pest Defence is the preferred partner for all forms of pest solutions. You need not fear or worry about the safety of your kids and pets as it has you covered. Its services are also very affordable and fast. For a free quote, go to or call (207) 517-9945.

5. Modern Pest Services
Modern Pest Services makes use of the most up-to-date equipment and pest elimination techniques to achieve the best results. The safety of its client’s properties and health is its utmost concern, plus, it seeks to exceed the expectations of its customers through its total commitment to pest elimination and the provision of exceptional services. Its highly trained technicians are its asset as it seeks to provide cutting-edge pest solutions and building trust in the process.

Under its wildlife control program, it offers bird management, attic cleanup, and restoration, exclusion, trapping, and removal as well as home insulation services for clients. Contact Modern Pest Services on its helpline 888-997-3312.

6. SWAT Team Pest Solutions
With specialization in the provision of exceptional and reliable pest control services for residential and commercial properties, SWAT Team Pest Solutions is a pest control service to trust with your pest needs. It follows all the seasonal pest activities and knows pest breeding behaviors within this time. Its treatments are modified to achieve the highest pest elimination results. This process is handled by technicians trained and experienced in the total and complete elimination of all forms of pests. Fill the short form online at or call 207-747-9599 to request a quote.

7. Terminix (Augusta Branch)
With a wide range of services including residential and commercial pest elimination services, Termite is a top brand in the elimination of all types of pest problems. Some other services handled by Terminix include Mosquito control, Bed bug treatment, Termite control and Pest control services among others. As pests are known to be relentless, Terminix is also equal to the task through its relentless protection services where it protects your properties from further incursion after having exterminated the pests. Call Terminix on 207-536-3770, or contact it on

8. Ant Man Pest Control Inc
Ant Man Pest Control Inc. has been known to be a leader in the provision of reliable yet very affordable pest control services. In fact, Ant Man Pest Control offers clients a 50% discount on any competitor’s price! This makes it the preferred pest control service which does the job at a cheaper cost. Call Ant-Man for further inquiries or to schedule a service or inspection on (207) 772-5722.

9. Bug Beaters Pest Control
Bug Beaters Pest Control beats back pests out of your property. It offers its reliable pest control services for residential and commercial properties and does not require its customers to enter into a contract with them. The client is free to choose whatever treatment options most suitable for him/her. Its technicians have the requisite training, certification, and experience to get the job done in no time. For a quote on its services and products, go to

10. Maine Pest Solutions
Maine Pest Solutions handles a variety of jobs for clients ranging from residential pest control, commercial pest control, rodent and insect elimination services. These services are handled by competent hands using the most effective and safe methods and products. It does not require its customers to enter or sign a contract, as it is confident in its services. Customers can choose to either keep using its services or seek an alternative if they are not satisfied. Contact Maine Pest Solutions on or call (207)944-8385.

These are the top 10 pest control companies in the State of Maine unveiled under the topic “Maine Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies.” These are located across the state of Maine, across its major cities and covering all locations. Some of Maine’s major cities by population include; Portland, Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, Waterville, South Portland, Biddeford, Bar Harbor, Rockland, and Orono. Others are Saco, Kennebunkport, Camden, Kennebunk, Cape Elizabeth, Ellsworth, Freeport, Kittery, Gorham, and Ogunquit.

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