Las Vegas Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Many Las Vegas pest control companies compete for customer patronage through the development of innovative pest control services aimed to give an edge to their range of services. In light of these, this article seeks to provide the list of the top pest control companies operating in the city of Las Vegas under the topic; “Affordable Las Vegas Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies.”

It seeks to provide the reader with reliable options to choose from. These have set track records of excellence, with thousands of satisfied clients to show. We will also make mention of some of the major cities in Las Vegas due to the spread of these pest control Companies. Below is the list of the top 10 pest control companies;

Las Vegas Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Fisher’s Pest Control
Known for providing reliable and efficient pest elimination services for clients for over a decade, Fischer’s Pest Control clients enjoy a contract-free service. Fisher’s Pest Control offers a variety of pest elimination services for residential and commercial clients. Some of the areas it specializes in include bed bug exclusion services, termite inspections, pigeon deterrents, German roach elimination and scorpion exclusion services among others. To get a free estimate, call (702) 348-9278 or visit .

2. Surefire Pest Control
Surefire Pest Control will give you back control over your properties through its comprehensive pest elimination services covering a wide variety of common pests which include spiders, rodents, scorpions, roaches, termites, fleas and mites among several others. These services are handled by highly trained and experienced technicians who bring in their wealth of experience to bear on each job. To schedule a service, visit  or call 702-423-7463 or send a mail to .

3. Extreme Pest Control
For timely pest control services for homes and businesses, Extreme Pest Control is the name to trust. Its technicians are its biggest assets, as they bring innovation to every case of pest elimination using safe treatment methods and products which are friendly to the environment as well as safe for your kids and pets. For all your pest issues, contact Extreme Pest Control on  or send a mail to  You can also call its helpline on 702-490-0707.

4. Newman’s Pest Control
If your property is infested by scorpions, then it’s high time to call in the experts. Newman’s Pest Control are experts in the provision of all types of scorpion elimination and removal services through its use of the most technologically advanced equipment in finding these scorpions as well as removing them or eliminating same. Its evening scorpion hunt is carried out by UV equipment which spots them in the dark. It also puts a barrier around your property to ensure the customer is totally protected. Give them a call on 702-800-7378 or visit  to find out more.

5. Las Vegas Pest Control
Las Vegas Pest Control is the total solutions provider for every pest problem customers may have. All of its services are also 100% pet friendly. It offers same day service with a discount of $99.00 off its initial service. It has 2 major plans which include its home advantage as well as its home advantage plus plan. Under its home advantage plan, customers get to enjoy defence from over 50 types of pests which include spiders, ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish and several other pests. Its home advantage plus treatment offers protection against 75 types of pests including pantry pest control, rodent control as well as killer been swarm control. For details on these and more, call 702-887-1360.

6. Preventive Pest Control
Preventive pest control is a sure partner in providing high quality pest preventive treatment for residential and commercial properties. These are highly effective measures which keep pests at bay. Apart from the provision of preventive treatments, it also offers pest elimination treatments for cases of pest infestation, with all its services having a 100% guarantee. In situations where pests return between visits, it has a re-service guarantee covering these treatments. For inquiries on these and other services, send a mail to  or call (702) 649-0019.

7. Enviro Safe Pest Control
Enviro Safe Pest Control offers residential pest control as well as commercial pest control services to customers. These are highly reliable and effective and include the elimination of ants, scorpions, nesting birds, wasps and hornets, rats and mice as well as carpenter ants among other pests. Other pest control services include termite extermination, flea extermination, cockroach extermination, and spider extermination services among others. For details, call 702-848-7892 or visit .

8. Progressive Pest Control
Progressive Pest Control promises to protect the properties of its customers from common pests such as scorpions, pigeons, bed bugs, bees, spiders, roaches, ants and many more pests. Its pest control treatments are totally safe for kids and pets, and include termite control, pest control packages, pest maintenance services, bee hive removal German roach flush out as well as rat and mice control services. Call Progressive Pest Control on (702)438-9708 or visit

9. Eco-Gen Pest Control
Specialized in the provision of highly effective pest elimination services using environmentally friendly methods, Eco-Gen Pest Control is a major player in bringing lasting solutions to clients through its residential and commercial pest elimination services. Its treatments are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. It promises to return for re-treatments if pests resurface between treatments. Call Eco-Gen Pest Control on (702) 445-6444 for details.

10. Bulwark Exterminating
With services which are 100% guaranteed and with a high recommendation percentage among its satisfied customers, Bulwark Exterminating is a trusted name in the provision of highly satisfactory pest elimination services. Some common pest control treatments it handles include ant elimination/treatments, scorpion, spiders, and roach extermination services. To request for a quote, call 1-888-617-0761 or go to

These the top 10 pest control companies in Las Vegas considered under “Las Vegas Pest Control Services – Top 10 Companies.”  These companies have proven to be very reliable in providing cutting-edge pest solutions for homes and businesses. These companies are spread across the city of Las Vegas. Some of the major cities in Las Vegas include Boulder City, Henderson, The Strip, West of The Strip, Summerlin, Primm, North Las Vegas, Downtown, Las Vegas, and Paradise. Others are Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, and Spring Valley.

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