Iowa Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

With focus on the top pest control companies operating in Iowa, this article considers the topic “Affordable Iowa Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” if you are reading this with the intention of finding the pest control company which offers every type of pest solutions, or you are only interested in the information presented, then you are at the right place.

Here we provide the top 9 pest control companies in Iowa which have a rich history of providing successful pest control services.

Iowa Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Premier Pest Services Inc.
Backed by over 125 years of experience, Premier Pest Services Inc. is truly a leader in providing complete pest control solutions. Whatever your pest need is, Premier Pest Services is just a click away as it has proven time and again to be able to handle a variety of pest infestation problems. According to Premier Pest Services, its experience is the difference. Therefore, when pests invade your property, simply take it back by calling Premier Pest Services on 515-288-2580.

Its customer reviews speak volumes of its commitment to customer satisfaction as it has provided real value for money on all its pest control services.

2. Orkin Pest Control
Orkin is a trusted name in the provision of pest infestation solutions. No matter the level of infestation or type of pest problem, Orkin handles such services with professionalism. Its team of dedicated technicians is well trained to meet and solve any pest problem. Its technicians have been known to go beyond the call of duty to exceed the expectations of its customers. To get an Orkin free estimate, go to

Under its AIM (Assess, Implement, and Monitor) treatment model, the cause and level of infestation are investigated. The best treatment methods are adopted to ensure cases of resurgence are reduced to its barest minimum. It does a post-treatment monitoring aimed at preventing a pest comeback.

3. Preferred Pest Control Solutions
Handling a variety of pest problems for clients over the years, Preferred Pest Control Solutions is trusted name in service excellence. It is locally owned, with its technicians interested in exceeding customer expectations through the provision of all forms of pest treatments including same day treatments in cases of emergency. The National Pest Management Association has awarded it the QualityPro certification which only a handful of pest control companies have achieved. It has an online form on its website where clients can schedule an inspection. You can also call its helpline on (888) 778-5977.

4. Miller Pest and Termite
Miller pest and Termite handles all types of pest and Termite elimination jobs for clients. Its customers have attested to its high level of professionalism in the handling of pest problems. Also, clients in need of personalized pest treatments are covered in its range of services. To schedule a service, go to or call 1-515-518-8864.

5. Central Iowa Pest Control
Central Iowa Pest Control Offers services that include window cleaning, wildlife removal and relocation services, Termite treatments, rodent control treatments and pest treatments. These are handled by highly trained pest control technicians who strive to offer the client value for money as well as earning their trust. There is an online form where clients can state their pest needs and ask for a quote. Also further inquiries can be forwarded to Central Iowa Pest Control email on or by calling its helpline (515) 270-8511.

6. ABC Home and Commercial Services
Whether you need pest services for your home or business, ABC Home and Commercial Services has you covered. With its operation spread across multiple locations, It ensures that its services reach you wherever you are in Iowa. With ABC Home and Commercial Service, there is no small or big job, as every job is given the seriousness it deserves. This has attracted a lot of positive customer reviews, leading to more clients seeking to benefit from its range of services. To contact ABC Home and Commercial Services, go to .

7. Schendel Pest Services
Schendel Pest Services provides home services, Bed bug control, Termite control and Commercial services to its clients. The experience and professionalism of its pest technicians has endeared it to more clients as they are courteous and thorough, placing the satisfaction of the client first. You can request for a free quote by clicking or calling its helpline on 785-232-9357.

8. Iowa Pest and Termite Company
Most pests are disease carriers which are likely to transmit these diseases to humans. Exterminating them becomes very necessary. For a thorough job, consider using the services of Iowa Pest and Termite Company. Whatever your pest problems are, Iowa Pest and Termite Company is equal to the task. Its treatment plans include chemical-free treatments which are environmentally friendly and harmless to children and pets, as well as scheduled or preventive treatment plans to check and prevent likely pest infestations. For enquiries, send an email to or call 515-537-8385.

9. Iowa-Illinois Termite and Pest Control Inc.
Providing quality residential and commercial services to clients resident within Iowa and Illinois, Iowa-Illinois Termite and Pest Control Inc. provide pest elimination services for rodents, Bed bugs through the use of heat remediation treatments, and wood destroying insects such as Termites, Ants, and Beetles among others. It also has general pest services covering all types of pests. Wildlife removal and relocation services are also offered by it.

To schedule a treatment, go to or call (563) 386-3898 for an urgent fix.

There you have it! The top 9 pest control companies in Iowa considered under the topic “Iowa Pest Control Services – Top 9 Companies.” If you have a pressing pest problem, you need not bother as there are several reliable pest services to choose from as presented above. Their services are spread across the state of Iowa and are located in its major cities. Some of Iowa’s largest cities by population are; Omaha, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, Waterloo, Ames, West Des Moines and Council Bluffs. Others are Ankeny, Dubuque, Urbandale, Cedar Falls, Marion, Bettendorf, Mason City, Marshalltown, Clinton, and Burlington.

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