How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

How do I get rid of mosquitoes around my house? Do you know how to keep mosquitoes away at night? The buzz of a mosquito around my ear is one of the most irritable sounds I have experienced. I am pretty sure no one likes these little vampires. The name mosquito is synonymous with malaria, a disease responsible for the deaths of over a million people yearly. There are different types of mosquitoes. Types of mosquitoes and their identification depend greatly on their morphology and diet. In this article, I am going to take you through a series of steps on how to get rid of mosquitoes.

There are several home remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. As mentioned earlier, we are going to discuss a few DIY methods to get rid of mosquitoes in your room. Did I just say in your room? You also need to get rid of mosquitoes outside. Exterminate the damned creatures everywhere and in whatever ways possible. But in an attempt to achieve that a lot of people have used insecticides and chemicals which are toxic to us and the environment.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes
There are ways to get rid of mosquitoes naturally. That is the point of interest. We want to get rid of mosquitoes but we also want to avoid the use of toxic chemicals. The easiest and natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes is by use of natural essential oils such as lavender oil, clove, and garlic, camphor and coffee grounds. 90 percent of the periods we experience mosquito bites is at night during our sleep. So a very efficient way of keeping mosquitoes away is by use of mosquito nets.

Mosquitoes propagate with an egg and larval stage. Water is essential for the survival of this process. So mosquitoes breed on stagnant water. This explains the increase in the vector’s population around stagnant water. In our homes, one place prone to be wet and have stagnant water in our bathroom and toilet. There are ways to get rid of mosquitoes in the bathrooms.

Coffee grounds are very effective insecticides for killing mosquitoes in stagnant waters. Just sprinkle coffee grounds on stagnant water and it will bring mosquito larvae in the water to the surface. At the surface, the larvae will be deprived of dissolved oxygen and will consequently die off.

What Smells Repel Mosquitoes?
It has been known that there are certain smells that our little vampires detest. These smells will serve as an effective remedy for keeping mosquitoes away. Among other essential oils, mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender. Therefore planting lavender around your homes will repel mosquitoes. Lavender scented room fresheners and body sprays are also very effective at keeping mosquitoes out of your homes.

Are we just talking about repelling these creatures? Total extermination it is. So what will kill mosquitoes? A Chinese proverb says the best way to kill a cobra is in its egg. So forward we go. Attack and destroy the larval growth stage. As stated earlier, our targets will be stagnant waters around the home. But remember, we want our remedies to be natural. In this line let’s have our ground coffee powder ready. Sprinkle it into all stagnant waters to destroy and cut out these larvae. In this way, we must have stopped the population growth of the vector and the surviving mosquitoes with very short lifespan will die out.

Topical applications of natural mosquito repellents are considered good mosquito treatment techniques. So is ground coffee powder our only natural mosquito exterminator? No, not definitely. We have other potent ways of naturally exterminating these vectors. Another one of such is by the use of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas all living things with the exception of photosynthetic organisms such as plants exhale. Interestingly, Mosquitoes have a romance with this gas as they are attracted to the presence of CO2. Another strategy we can use to exterminate mosquitoes is by drowning them through the use of dry ice (solid CO2).

Simply place some dry ice in a water jar and place the jar in the mosquito-prone area. The mosquitoes will be attracted to the jar and get drowned in it. I tell you this is very effective. Give it a try and you will be impressed with the result you will get.

Natural versus Synthetic
Synthetic aerosol insecticide sprays have been used effectively in killing mosquitoes. But the question is, can we have a natural mosquito spray as effective? Here is a simple recipe. Dissolve some camphor balls in ethanol and add some dry ice to it. Put your combination into a spray can and voila, you have your effective natural mosquito spray.

Camphor is a very effective natural insecticide. It is used to kill mosquitoes by burning the substance in air. The substance is soluble in solvents like ethanol. So you can get it air-born by dissolving in ethanol. Dry ice in your formulation is a heavy gas, as I said earlier. So it makes the effect last around for some time for the spray to take full effect. Camphor can also be ground and applied as an insecticide mosquito powder.

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