How to Get Rid of Beetles

How do you get rid of cigarette beetles? What kills Asian, Japanese or Carpet beetles? Beetles are among the most diverse group of insects in the world. They are of the order Coleoptera. They are destructive little insects that feed on cellulose materials and fabric. Some species of beetles burrow their homes in trees while others live underground. Beetles feed on food crops especially cereals and are brought into the home from the farm when these crops are harvested. In this article, we are going to discuss several methods to get rid of beetles.

Types of beetle and their identification will require a lot of work because as I said earlier, beetles are the most diverse group of insects on this planet. There are several home remedies to get rid of beetles which we are going to discuss in this article. We are going to consider how to get rid of beetles in a room and how to get rid of beetles outside. There are also several ways to get rid of beetles naturally.

How to Get Rid of Beetles

The easiest natural ways to get rid of beetles in the home is by asphyxiation. Farm produce brought into the house are kept in an airtight environment for a period of time. This kills off all beetles that may have accompanied the crops from the farm and also prevents eggs from hatching. Of the several species of beetles, there are beetles that feed on wood. Moist or wet wood is attractive to them because it is soft.

In the bathroom, there are several wooden materials such as cabinets. These are prone to wood beetle attacks. To protect these materials from being eaten away by beetles, you have to get rid of beetles in the bathroom by laminating the wood. Lamination seals the wood and prevents beetles from being able to feed on it. But the question is, are there smells that repel beetles? If so what smells repel beetles?

Though essential oils have been proven to be very effective against most insects, there has been little or no information about what smells repel beetles. Because of the large diversity of beetles followed by the unique habitat they occupy beetle control using chemicals has proved to be difficult. Beetles are mostly associated with cereal food crops and you will definitely have to rethink using pest control chemicals on your food.

What Will Kill Beetles Instantly?
Now if chemical pesticides are not advisable to be used to kill beetles, what then will kill beetles? As I stated earlier, beetles in your farm produce can effectively be killed by storing the produce in airtight containers. In the containers, the buildup of carbon dioxide and consequent depletion of oxygen will kill beetles in food grains. Also, beetles in wood are killed by laminating the wood. The lamination forms a hard surface the beetle cannot eat away and seals up beetle eggs from hatching.

Beetle treatment has to start from the farm before the products are brought home. If you would require some advice on the best beetle exterminator I would advise you to contact an expert pest control agent. The expert may have in his possession beetle spray or beetle powder for beetle control.

How Do You Get Rid Of Beetles Permanently?
If you want to get rid of beetles permanently you will have to cultivate crops in a greenhouse. In that way, your crops will be protected in the field from beetle attacks. This will further affect your home because no beetles will be brought in from the field. There are also other ways to get rid of beetles in your home by mixing your grains with dry cyan pepper powder.

The cyan pepper method can be said to be an efficient way to get rid of beetles fast.

How Can I Get Rid Of Beetles Around My House?
Beetles like other insects hate the smell of lavender and peppermint oil. So plant lavender around your house and close to your windows and doors to keep beetles away. Make sure your storage areas are cool and dry. Keep your environment clean and tidy. You should use wire meshes around all entry points into your house.  You could contact a professional pest control agent if you want to know the cost of a beetle exterminator.

As mentioned earlier, to get rid of beetles in your house you would have to diligently watch out or signs of beetle infestation such as commonly sighting beetles around the house, attack on grains and other foodstuff depending on the type of beetle. I would rather take the preventive measure of using beetle repellents if I want to get rid of beetles in my room.

There are species of beetles that feed on fabric. You can find those kinds of beetles on carpets, couches, and clothing. I would use camphor if I want to get rid of beetles in couches and furniture. Beetles are more active at night or in dark environments. This implies that majority of the damage done by these pests is in the night. Use repellents or better still occlude the suspected infestation area of air to get rid of beetles in the night.

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