How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Are there home remedies to get rid of bed bugs naturally? Bed bugs are described as tiny blood-sucking spineless insects that infest homes. They reproduce very rapidly and can take over your home within a short time. The insects are very good at hiding in cushions and furniture. There are different types of bed bugs and identification of which species is actually infesting your home is immaterial because they all have similar pest control solutions.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Room
There are several home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. Because these pests reproduce very rapidly, they can easily spread from your living room to bedroom and all other parts of your home. Bed bugs can be controlled by use of activated earth or powdered diatomite. Spreading a dose of powdered diatomite on your room furniture and areas where you have sighted bed bugs will kill bed bugs instantly.

You can also get rid of bed bugs outside your home by fumigating the whole area. A lot of times bed bugs are transported from outside the home into the home. Therefore it is essential to identify the root source of the pest infestation. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to get rid of bed bugs naturally. Diatomite is a fossilized form of calcium rock salt. The mineral is obtained naturally in veins through mining.

Bed bugs, fleas, and other spineless pests react negatively to diatomite. The mineral negatively alters their body’s metabolic activity and prevents the intake of oxygen this will lead to consequent death. So the use of diatomite is a very good way to get rid of bed bugs naturally. When diatomite is spread on the insect path or directly on their hiding places, bed bugs begin to die. The bathroom is one place in the home that is always humid, moist or wet.

Since diatomite is more effective in powdered form, the potency of the mineral is reduced in the bathroom. The good thing is that bed bugs prefer to occupy warm dry habitats. So the bathroom is not a good hiding place for bed bugs. To get rid of bed bugs in the bathroom you will have to use a combination of the powder and insecticide spray. But the question comes to mind what smell repel bed bugs?

Tea tree extract is a substance with a strong smell that bed bugs hate so much. Essential oils have been proven to have a toxic effect on bed bugs. Lemon, in particular, is smell detested by bed bugs. Apart from the asphyxiating properties of diatomaceous earth, it also has a very strong smell that keeps bed bugs away. What about peppermint oil? These essential oils also have smells that are easy to explore a bed bug repellant.
What Will Kill Bed Bugs
What chemicals kill bed bugs? Bed bugs can be very notorious pests. Several bed bug treatments may be necessary in order to completely rid your home of them. Therefore, in this case, you will have to not only look for a pesticide that will repel bed bugs but particularly for what will kill bed bugs. This particular pest is categorized as a crawling insect. Bed bugs don’t fly. They transport themselves by clinging on to a material. You only notice them when you sight them.

Best Remedy for Bed Bug Infestation
We have discussed several ways to control bed bugs but the question still remains what is our best bed bug exterminator? In other words, what is the quickest way to get rid of bed bugs? It could be in the form of bed bug spray or bed bug powder. In my opinion, a bed bug spray will be more effective than a powder. This is because a spray can be applied effectively to all nukes and crevices.

The only factor is that it should be an effective bed bug killer. A combination of dissolved diatomite and essential oils combined with dry ice will make a very good bed bug exterminator. In a suitable solvent of ethanol and water, dissolve diatomite powder then a surfactant and your essential oil. It could be one or a mixture of two. Then add your dry ice to the combination. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. This forms a dense gas which will make the effect last longer.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently
After much has been said, we can still go on to say you will need to hire the services of bed bug control experts and professionals who are trained and skilled in the art of endemic pest control if you want to really have a permanent solution to bed bug infestation in your home. You can call your local pest control agency to come inspect the infested area and take whatever advice they may have for you.

To get rid of bed bugs in your home you have to act fast as soon as you begin to notice the first signs of infestation. At times you may be lucky to notice the first bug before it starts to reproduce. Once killed you may have saved yourself a great deal of inconvenience.

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