How Much Does a Bed Bug Exterminator Cost?

There are several pest control services which offer bed bug extermination. However, this article provides the cost implications for exterminating Bed bugs. We will focus on providing answers to this question as well as other forms of Bed bug extermination which may serve the need of the client.

Bed bugs are known to be resilient pests which can be difficult to exterminate, especially if the services of experts or professionals are not used. They are pests which can be found in public areas such as hotels, dormitories or guesthouses.

However, they are not only restricted to these locations alone, as they are also found in homes. Their presence can be a very frustrating experience as they are nocturnal creatures which are most active at night. They feed only on blood and are very resilient creatures as they can easily cling to clothing, luggage or property which can easily be transferred to new locations, thereby leading to infestation.

So how much do exterminators charge for bed bugs?

How Much Does a Bed Bug Exterminator Cost?

Types of Bed bug Extermination
There are mainly two types of extermination, and these include Do-It-Yourself (DIY) extermination methods which may involve the use of common over-the-counter medications. The use of this method for Bed bug extermination may prove quite effective, however, the downside is that vital information concerning the behavior of this pests may be unknown. This means that the person using this extermination method will have to rely solely on the “directions for use” normally accompanying such medications.

A major characteristic of using DIY methods is the fact that while they may be effective in providing temporary relief, this may not last for a considerable amount of time, as there may be a resurgence in Bed bug infestation. This may be attributed to the low level of knowledge on the behavior of these pests.  Another reason for infestation may be that the cause(s) of infestation were not handled from its source, but rather, treatment was targeted at the most infested area only.

This is where the use of the services of competent hands/professionals becomes very important as they offer reliability and guarantee in the total extermination of Bed bugs. These services may be retained through scheduled visits as well as the adoption of surveillance services offered by these companies to keep Bed bugs at bay.

On the other hand, hiring/paying for the services of Bed bug exterminating/pest control services is another treatment option. What makes this the most desirable is the fact that these services offer professionalism coupled with well-trained pest technicians who handle the job with expertise. These are trained to know and understand the breeding behavior of Bed bugs as well as how to contain them effectively.

The reason we considered the types of Bed bug extermination is because the Bed bug extermination measure adopted will determine the cost implication incurred by the client.

Bed bug Extermination Costs
As highlighted above, the Bed bug extermination method used will largely determine the cost incurred. It is common knowledge that DIY extermination/treatment methods typically cost less than other treatment methods. However, while they are effective in bringing immediate relief, they may not offer a long lasting solution to the problem, as the treatment will have to be repeated. The cost of treatment using DIY methods may range from $70.00 to $150.00.

On the other hand, the use of professional Bed bug exterminating companies may cost more, but they offer clients a guarantee, as well as scheduled visits based on the intensity of the infestation to ensure Bed bugs are completely eliminated. This may come at a higher cost, but a good job always results. There are several pest control services/companies which charge varying degree of costs for their Bed bug extermination services.

Another factor which may affect treatment/extermination cost is the level of infestation, and the size of your home/property. With these variables, the cost of extermination services will range from $500.00 to $1,500.00. While this treatment option may cost more, it has proved to be the most effective extermination option. Some Bed bug removal services may charge for inspections.

Inspection is done by experienced pest control technicians who study the level of infestation as well as determine the best treatment method to use. While some pest control services offer free inspections, others may charge a fee starting from $70.00 to $110.00. They also offer recommendations to clients on the best preventive measures to adopt after completely exterminating these pests. Visit Terminix on to find out its Bed bug extermination costs.

The Treatment Process
The treatment process used to exterminate Bed bugs depends on the findings of the pest control technicians, as they determine/recommend the best treatment based on the inspection carried out in the infested area. There are several types of treatment, and preference of the client is also valued in reaching a treatment type. Based on the recommendation of the pest technician, the client may choose treatment using heating methods or other equally effective measures such as the use of sprays among others.

An advantage to using heat treatments in the extermination of Bed bugs is that they are effective in not only killing off Bed bugs, but also kill off other bacteria which may be harmful. The temperature is normally raised above 120 degrees, making it impossible for these pests to survive. This is done through the use of specialized equipment. The downside to the use of heat treatments is that the client will have to move out of his/her home as a safety measure, and only come back after the treatment is over. Visit Orkin on  to find out the cost of its Bed bug extermination service.

The question; “how much does an exterminator cost for bed bugs?” has been focused on in this article. Answers have also been provided regarding the cost implications as well as other equally important aspects of treatments, such as the types of Bed bug extermination as well as the treatment process.

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