Florida Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

There are several pest control companies found in every city in the state of Florida. These range from large to small companies. The services offered by some are very exceptional while that offered by others are not too satisfactory to clients.

We will focus on the top 9 pest control companies in Florida under the topic “Affordable Florida pest control services – top 9 companies,” with a view to providing the best pest control services to those interested in using their services.

We start with the following;

Florida Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Orkin Pest Control
Orkin is a trusted name and reliable partner in the pest control services sector. Its operations are spread across several states including the state of Florida. Its pest control services are detailed and handled by well-trained technicians who understand pest behavior and who carry out their services in a highly professional manner, with the satisfaction of the client of paramount interest. If you have a pest problem and need an immediate response, call Orkin on 844-578-8533 or you can submit your questions or inquiry by visiting www.orkin.com/customercare/contact-us/

2. Florida Pest Control
When it comes to the provision of professional commercial or residential pest control services, Florida Pest Control is the partner to trust. Its range of services includes turf moisture management, tent fumigation services, the provision of core aeration for lawns, lawn, shrub, tree and ornamental services and Termite elimination services. Whatever the pest problem, Florida Pest Control does it all. To schedule a visit, go to www.flapest.com/requestappt.aspx

3. Turner Pest Control
Turner Pest Control makes client satisfaction its major goal by offering unbeatable services with a 100% guarantee. Follow-up visits are also provided to ensure the total elimination of pests at no extra charge/cost to the customer. It also adopts environmentally friendly treatment options to ensure the safety of your pets and infants as well as the safety of the environment.

Under its TurnerGuard All-in-one Protection plan, customers are totally covered from any future worries of termite infestation, as there are no accompanying re-treatment fees. Under this plan, other pests like Bedbugs fleas, and wildlife life snakes are either exterminated or removed. To make an appointment, go to www.turnerpest.com/contact-us/make-appointment/ or call 904-495-7698.

4. Truly Nolen Pest Control and Termites
Truly dislikes whatever it clients dislike. Therefore, they offer top-of-the-range pest control solutions covering a variety of pests such as scorpions, bugs, rodents, termites as well as wildlife removal services among others. It has a “Four Seasons Protection Plan” which provides complete pest control solutions to clients all-year round. This means customers do not need to worry about pest problems as Truly Nolen handles all their pest issues. For a free estimate, go to www.trulynolen.com/free-estimate/ or call 800-468-7859.

5. Apex Pest Control Inc.
While ridding your property of pests, Apex Pest Control provides insulation from these pests, making sure they do not return anytime soon. This is followed by scheduled treatments which depend on the needs of the customer. It provides pest control, lawn care, and termite control, with its technicians committed to exceeding client expectations. Other services include Bed bug extermination, pipeline pesticide distribution, pest prevention insulation, animal control and commercial as well as residential services. You can contact them today at www.apexpest.com/locations/ or call 866-675-4070.

6. Safari Termite and Pest Control Inc.
Safari Termite and Pest Control services work around your busy schedule in ridding your commercial or residential property of pests. Some common pests included in its library include Fire Ants, Silverfish, Mice, Spiders, Carpenter Ants, Scorpions, Roaches, Wasps, Fleas, Earwigs, Centipedes, Rats and several other pests. Whatever the type of pest service you desire, call Safari Termite and Pest Control on (904) 729-9330 or go to www.safaritermitepestcontrol.com/ to find out more.

7. Massey Services Inc.
Every type of problem has a solution with Massey. It offers its customers landscape care, pest prevention services and termite protection among several other services. Having over 30 years of experience in pest control, its many clients can attest to its high-quality pest control services. Its services are backed by a guarantee of excellent delivery and its technicians always seek to exceed client satisfaction by offering unbeatable services. It also has a money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory services. To schedule your free inspection, go to www.masseyservices.com/ or call 1-888-262-7739.

8. Southeast Florida Pest Control
The advantages presented by using the services of Southeast Florida Pest Control include the use of safe treatment methods which conform to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards. Other advantages include fully insured and licensed exterminators, a fast response time, same day pest treatment as well as a 100% guarantee on all its services. Some of its services include bee removal, general pest inspections, Bed bug control and treatments, Fly control including whitefly control, Termite control and Roach control services among others. Call 561-488-1104 to get started.

9. McCall Services
McCall Services have a wide range of pest control services, providing value bundle plans starting at $53.00 per month. Its services range from Termite control services, lawn care, Bed bug treatments, Mosquito and pest control treatments. There is a live chat option on its website www.mccallservice.com/ where you can chat with them about the pest problems you may choose to call them on their helpline (888) 455-7415.

The 9 pest control services in Florida provided above have demonstrated their capacity to handle all sorts of pest problems with client satisfaction as their major aim. The topic under consideration “Florida Pest Control Services – top 10 companies” has unveiled the most important detail regarding each of the top 9 pest control services. These operate across the major cities in Florida. Some of the biggest cities by population include; Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg,  Hialeah, Tallahassee, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, and  Fort Lauderdale. Other cities include Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Gainesville, Coral Springs, Clearwater, Miami Gardens, Palm Bay, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

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