Delaware Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Although there are several pest control companies operating within the State of Delaware, questions are often raised about the best pest control companies. It is for this reason this article looks at the top pest control companies operating within the state of Delaware under the topic “Affordable Delaware pest control services – top 10 companies” These pest control services have operations covering several cities within the state.

We will list some of the major cities at the end of this article.

Delaware Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Delmar Pest Control
Delmar Pest Control is a pest control service which promises its clients total peace of mind by taking away all their pest worries through the provision of exceptional pest control services backed by a money-back guarantee. Another advantage of using the Delmar Pest Control option is its characteristically low-cost pest solutions, plus the same day pest control service. Its range of services covers all forms of pests and has an exceptional pest control service which is open 24/7. There is a short online form at where clients can easily schedule a service or call for more information on 1-800-200-5441.

2. Delaware Pest Control
Delaware Pest Control Service is a total pest control solutions provider, offering discounts to veterans and seniors, as well as a $50.00 off any of its pest control services ranging from Stink Bugs, Bees/Wasps, Wildlife Removal, Ant, Ticks, Fleas, and Rodent treatments. It also has a $100.00 discount off its Bed bug treatment as well as a $100.00 discount off its termite treatments. To get a free estimate, go to or call 1-855-622-6409

3. Tri-County Termite and Pest Control Inc.
Using environmentally friendly treatment solutions, Tri-County Termite and Pest Control Inc. is a trusted name in pest control. Its range of services is offered to an individual as well as corporate clients. Disease-causing pests are kept at bay by its thorough treatment of pest problems as well as its preventive measures put in place to deter pests from returning. Customer satisfaction is its main priority, which is why its highly trained pest technicians are committed to exceeding client expectations. It also offers free callbacks at no extra charge to the customer in cases where problems arise between visits. To get a free estimate, go to or call (800) 670-8077.

4. Activ Pest Solutions
For every type of pest problems, Activ Pest Solutions provides a corresponding solution to its customers. These range from Wildlife management, Termite treatment and Ant control among others. Its yearly pest protection programme has a $50.00 discount. The same also applies to its quarterly pest service program. Activ Pest Solutions prides itself on its technicians who are highly qualified and licensed to offer customers unbeatable services. You can contact them on or by calling (302) 645-1502.

5. Ehrlich Pest Control
Priding itself as the local experts in pest control, Ehrlich provides all forms of pest control services. It has a database of seasonal pest activity which includes pests like Bedbugs, Rats and Wildlife management. Other services offered by Ehrlich include pest proofing, yearly protection as well as offering pest solutions to restaurant businesses. Whatever your pest control needs are, you can call 1-877-463-1994 or go to for a free quote as well as other inquiries.

6. Royal Pest Solutions
Using environmentally friendly treatment options, Royal Pest Solutions is a major player in the pest control services sector in Delaware. It offers solutions to Termite Infestation, kitchen Ants, Ticks and Lyme diseases, flea, mosquito, rodents and Bed bug infestation problems. It does not only provide solutions to problems of pest infestation but also offer preventive services for residential and commercial clients. All its range of pest treatments is safe for pets and children. To contact Royal Pest Solutions visit or call  800-769-2573.

7. Brownco Termite and Pest Control
At Brownco, clients enjoy a full range of pest control services which are quite affordable. Clients also benefit from a discount. According to Brownco, most of its pest control services are referral business from its satisfied client base which is growing. The following category of clients are covered under its discount program; Firefighters, Senior citizens, Veterans, and Police Officers. To find out more about its services, call 610-229-9000 or email

8. Home Paramount Pest Control
Home Paramount Pest Control offers its clients an easy financing option which enables them to benefit from its full range of quality pest control services. Its services fall under pest control, Termite control and moisture control categories. These are provided to all forms of clients consisting of both residential and commercial. To schedule a free home inspection, go to or call its helpline on 1-888-888-4663.

9. Western Pest Services
Western Pest Services prides itself as the authority in pest control services. It has an online form on where clients can easily request for a free inspection of their property. An advantage of using its services is that they are backed by years of experience and the expertise of its pest technicians who ensure clients get the best services. Their staffs are continually trained to ensure clients are given the best in pest treatment solutions. For a quote or other inquiries, call (877) 958-3605.

10. Mosquito Joe
With its popular slogan “outside is fun again,” Mosquito Joe provides extensive environmental solutions to mosquito problems. Its mosquito treatment services are backed by a guarantee of utmost satisfaction. Its detailed services can be found on . Also, clients can call 302-504-6757 for a detailed rundown of its services as well as a request for quote or to schedule a service.

These are the top 10 pest control services operating within the state of Delaware considered under the topic “Delaware pest control services – top 10 companies.” These services are located in all the large cities across Delaware. Some of the largest cities in Delaware by population include Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Middletown, Smyrna, Milford, Seaford, Georgetown, Elsmere, and New Castle, Other cities are Millsboro, Laurel, Harrington, Lewes, Selbyville, Bridgeville, Ocean View, Delmar, Delaware City and Rehoboth Beach.

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