Connecticut Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

Having several pest control services which provided pest control solutions to businesses and households, there is an increasing demand for the best pest control services in Connecticut.

This article comes handy as it seeks to provide the top 8 pest control services under the topic “Affordable Connecticut pest control services – top 8 companies.” The listed companies have proven their capacity to deliver cutting-edge pest control solutions.

We begin our list of top 8 Connecticut pest control services with the following;

Connecticut Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Orkin Pest and Termite Control
Orkin Pest Control is a major player in the pest control services sector, with highly skilled and trained technicians handling every aspect of its pest control service to clients. On its website;, it has a pest radar which clients can use to find out the level of impact various seasons have on pest activity. This is in addition to its termite control services where termites threatening the structural integrity of homes or businesses are adequately handled.

All the common types of pests are professionally treated or exterminated, as well as wildlife removal which is included in its range of services. To benefit from the Orkin advantage, call 844-578-8533 for a free estimate or other inquiries.

2. Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control Services LLC
For immediate response and service, Eliminate ‘Em Pest Control service is the name to trust. This pest control company offers a discount of $40.00 off its wildlife removal and pest control services, and a $100.00 off its termite extermination and bat exclusion services. With complete extermination solutions to all types of pests, animals and wildlife consisting of Racoons, Rats, Bats, Gophers, Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, Woodchucks and Moles among others are included in its wildlife removal services. To request for a free estimate and immediate service, call 1-866-802-7378 or visit for more.

3.  Wildlife Control Services LLC
For a safe and problem-free removal of animals which invade the privacy of customers and cause a nuisance, Wildlife Control Services is the company to call. It offers wildlife removal services to residential as well as to commercial clients. Some of the animals included in its list of wildlife removal services include Squirrels, Woodchucks, Snakes, Opossums, Beaver and several others. Wherever these animals hide or are trapped, Wildlife Pest Control Services gets them and removes them from your property. To schedule a visit, call 860-236-2683 or visit

4. Alert Pest Control
Alert pest control has been in the business of satisfying its customers over the years. Its range of pest control services cover Mice, Termite, Carpenter Ants, Wasps and Bees among several other pests. There is a warranty accompanying every service it offers its clients. Safe pest control strategies are adopted that ensure the safety of the environment as well as that of pets and children. To request a free estimate, call 860-673-1224 or go to

5. Waltham Pest Services
All Waltham Pest Services are backed by professionalism and years of experience in the provision of pest control solutions. Its pest control services are available for residential and commercial clients, with treatments which are designed to fit the customer’s property. It has a short online form on where you can easily fill your details to request a visitor free estimate. Another option is to call its helpline on 888-970-5170.

6. Guardian Pest Control
Skilled in the provision of complete pest control solutions and also protecting your health, Guardian pest control takes the burden of pest control off your shoulders by completely exterminating every case of infestation using environmentally friendly treatment methods under its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. In addition to these, its customers can schedule visits where Guardian Pest control can perform monthly, quarterly or yearly pest services. Go to  or call 508-679-8550 to request a service.

7. Connecticut Pest Elimination Inc.
As the name suggests, Connecticut Pest Elimination completely eliminates all types of pests from your properties consisting of either commercial or residential. Its emergency services are available round the clock to ensure that its customers are not stranded or helpless at any point. Other facilities covered include hotels and inns, schools, health facilities, and colleges. You can email them at or call (203) 931-7378 to get a quote or schedule a service.

8. Connecticut Pest Control
If you are faced with a serious pest problem, finding a reliable solution to your problem is just a call away as you can get same day inspection and treatment of your property from Connecticut Pest Control. There is also a $50.00 discount on initial pest control treatment, and its highly trained technicians ensure that clients get value for money by providing a complete and comprehensive pest elimination service for your property. Contact them by clicking or call (203) 989-4792.

These pest control companies are among the best in the state of Connecticut. This article has focused on the topic “Connecticut pest control services – top 8 companies” to provide ready answers to customers interested in knowing the best pest control services in Connecticut. The above-listed pest control services offer their services covering several major cities in the State. Some of the biggest cities in Connecticut by population include Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, West Hartford and Greenwich. Other cities include Hamden, Bristol, Meriden, Fairfield, Manchester, West Haven, Milford, East Hartford, Middletown, and Southington.

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