Chicago Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

The growing number of pest control companies in Chicago means there is a growing need for their services. However, there is an increasing desire among customers to know the most reliable pest control companies. This article comes to the rescue as it unveils the top 8 pest control companies operating in Chicago considered under “Affordable Chicago Pest Control Services – Top 8 Companies.” With the list of the most efficient pest control companies unveiled, the reader has several choices to choose from.

We will also list some major cities as well as towns in the City of Chicago. Below are the top 8 pest control companies in Chicago;

Chicago Exterminator and Pest Control

1. Pest Control Chicagoland
Pest Control Chicagoland offers its customers an immediate and fast response to all of their pest issues. With a variety of high-quality elimination services which include the termite inspection and treatments, ant control, roach, rodents, bed bugs, occasional invaders, stinging insects elimination as well as bird removal services, Pest Control Chicagoland is a trusted partner in bringing total satisfaction to its clients. For a same-day service, contact Pest Control Chicagoland on 773-257-3443 or visit

2. Eco Tech Pest Control
While providing the most effective pest elimination services to clients, Eco Tech Pest Control is also conscious of the environment, and only uses methods and products which are totally safe for the environment. But it doesn’t end there, as its products are also safe for your kids and pets, ensuring that a pest treatment does not have to interfere with your schedule or that of your kids. For more information on its services or information on other services, visit  or call 855 ECO-BUGS.

3. A- Alert Exterminating Service, Inc.
Reputed for providing the most satisfying and long-lasting pest elimination services for residential and commercial properties, A- Alert Exterminating Service Inc uses environmentally friendly treatment method as well as alternative pest control techniques on all types of pest problems. Over the years, it has won the trust of a lot of customers which has seen it attract a lot of referrals from satisfied customers.

Some common pests it protects your properties from include flies, silverfish, spiders, sting pests, rats, mice, roaches, millipedes, pantry pests and box elder bugs among many others. To schedule a service, visit  or cal (773)348-3337.

4. Rose Pest Solutions
Whatever the type of pest problems you have, Rose Pest Solutions has been there, as it has successfully handled a variety of pest issues for many clients. Their ranges of quality services are available for residential as well as commercial clients. Termite infestation problems are about the most difficult problems for property owners and businesses. Rose Pest Solutions takes those worries away through its professional handling of these pests to achieve a lasting relief.

All its pest elimination services are handled by very experienced and trained technicians who bring their many years of experience to bear on the job. Its products are also safe for kids and pets. To find out more, go to—schedule-service-pages-50.php  or call (800) GOT-PESTS.

5. Anderson Pest Solutions
Anderson Pest Solutions restores total control over your property with its high quality pest elimination services that include a variety of pests such as crawling insects consisting of roaches, carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, clover mites, centipedes, Sowbugs, house crickets, and blood feeders consisting of fleas and bed bugs as well as rodents and flying insects. All its services are available for residential and commercial properties. If you need to schedule a service, go to  .

6. Nevernest Pest Control
With Nevernest Pest Control, pests will never have the opportunity of nesting in or around your property. Nevernet Pest Control provides quality pest elimination services which include bird control and prevention services, bed bug control and prevention, bees/hornets/wasp control and prevention, ant control and prevention, bat control and prevention, fly control and prevention, cockroach control and prevention, spider control and prevention, rodent control and prevention services as well as providing wildlife removal and relocation services to its clients. Its services are divided into residential, commercial, industrial and institutional pest removal services. Visit   or call (773)-772-9172 to find out more.

7. Resolve Pest Solutions
Resolve Pest Solutions is totally committed to the elimination all types of pests from your residential or commercial properties with absolutely no contracts required. Some of its services include general pest control, termite inspections and treatments, the provision of pest protection for food services, elimination of roaches, ants, squirrels, raccoons, birds, rodents and bed bug elimination services. After the successful treatment of pests in your property, it fortifies such properties against pest resurgence through visits which are optional. To find out details, call 773-756-1404 or visit .

8. Windy City Pest Control
Windy City Pest Control offers new customers a $25.00 discount off bed bug treatments. This is in addition to the provision of highly effective pest elimination services covering a variety of pests. Its services include bed bug inspection, and bed bug extermination. These are handled by professionals in the field who have provided high quality and highly satisfactory pest elimination services for several clients. Find out more information by calling 312-702-1896 or visit  .

These are the top 8 pest control services in the city of Chicago with focus on “Chicago Pest Control Services –  Top 8 Companies.”  These are located across different towns and suburbs in Chicago. Some of these are; Edison Park, Roscoe Village, Beverly, Lakeshore East, Rockwell Crossing, Lakewood Balmoral, Holstein Park, Marynook, Calumet Height, and Bridgeport. Others are Western Springs, Glen Ellyn, Oak Park, Tinley Park, Wilmette, Lake Bluff, Orland Park, Frankfort, Woodstock, and Glenview.

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