Alaska Exterminator and Pest Control Companies

We will focus on affordable Alaska’s pest control services, highlighting the top 8 pest control companies providing comprehensive and affordable pest control services to residents and businesses located within the state. These pest control companies have a proven track record of services excellence, with several thousands of satisfied clients to show. We start our list of top 8 companies with the following;

Alaska Exterminator and Pest Control

1. The Pied Piper Pest Control
The Pied Piper Exterminators is reputed with the provision of exceptional pest control services which are designed with to accommodate client unique needs. The treatment methods adopted are designed to be environmentally friendly. Its range of services includes the provision of its high-quality services to residential and commercial clients, as well as offering tree and lawn care services. Its highly trained pest control technicians ensure they do a professional and thorough job and its services cover a wide range of pests. For more information regarding its range of services, call (907) 344-2538 or visit its website

2. Alaska Affordable Pest Control Service
As its name suggests, Alaska Affordable Pest Control offers clients an affordable and reliable pest control service for homes and businesses. Some of the most common pests like rodents, wasps, and termite infestation are handled among a long list of other pests. Their ranges of services are fully insured, and clients are also ensured of reliable services backed by a guarantee. You can call them at (907) 770-5635 or visit for more.

3. Eagle Pest Control and Tree Service
Whatever your pest control need may be, Eagle Pest Control and Tree service is a reliable partner to trust. With the experience and competence in completely exterminating all forms of pests ranging from bugs, roaches, termite, carpenter ants, rodents as well as stinging insects among others, Eagle offers clients a comprehensive and chemical-free treatment that ensures homes and businesses are free of all forms of pests. It uses heat treatments in the extermination of bed bugs as well as other equally reliable treatment methods for other forms of pests.  Go to or call (907) 441-1234 for details.

4. Mosquito Guard
While offering full extermination treatments for mosquitoes, its services are tailored towards the elimination of mosquitoes from your yards, ensuring that you are able to relax in such areas without the interference of these pests. Its mosquito extermination services are carried out by its trained technicians who carry out their duties with the highest level of professionalism. It provides regular spray services as well as one-time special event treatments for residential and commercial properties. Call 1-907-344-8273 or go to to arrange for an inspection or find out more.

5. American Pest Management
If you are looking for an exterminator with the requisite experience and competence as well as professionalism, then you should consider American Pest Management for your pest solutions. Their range of pest extermination services are adequately priced and backed with a guarantee of getting the job done the very first time. There are no hidden fees in its pricing model, as the initial quote offers a final price for services to be offered. Call (888) 260-1542 for a quote, or you may find out its other range of pest control services by visiting

6. Bug Busters LLC
For discounted pest removal services, Bug Busters LLC is the partner to trust. It offers extermination services covering several types of pests ranging from critters, roaches, carpenter ants bed bugs, bee and termites among others. It has a “no-cost-5 year warranty on termite services.” There are also wildlife removal services for bats. All of its services are backed by a 30-day warranty. Call them on 605-221-2847 for details on its services or go to

7. Varmint Gone
Varmint Gone specializes in the provision of wildlife removal services for clients. Under its wildlife control service, animals like squirrel, snakes, bats, and bird removal services in addition to the repair of any damage to property (both residential and commercial). Clients have been saved the embarrassment and risks posed by invading wildlife. Call Varmint Gone toll free on 888-391-3330 or schedule an inspection today by visiting

8. Mosquito Authority
While providing efficient mosquito extermination services to clients, Mosquito Authority also offers extermination services covering tick control, fly control and pest control, with the added advantage of having no binding contracts whatsoever. With the rising cases of Zika virus, Mosquito Authority is a reliable partner in the complete elimination of mosquitoes and common pests. To find a location nearest to you, call 828-394-4321, or go to

These are some of Alaska’s pest control services (top 8 companies) and have been providing highly professional pest control services for clients, with many satisfied clients attesting to their high level of professionalism.

Alaska’s Major Cities
There are several cities across the state of Alaska. The services of these pest control companies are spread across all the major cities of the state. Some of these cities include Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Sitka, Ketchikan, Kenai, Palmer, Bethel, and Kodiak. Others include Homer, Soldotna, Unalaska, Barrow, Valdez, Nome, Kotzebue, Seward, Wrangell, and Dillingham.

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